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Aussie startup “Innovation Emporium“ launches Kickstarter campaign for innovative new bathing product

A Perth-based startup has come up with a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter to support its innovative Lave Ton Dos back washing innovation, putting end to an age old problem of cleaning your back properly and comfortably.

Perth-based startup Innovation Emporium is launching a crowdfunding campaign at on 13 December 2018 in support of its new breakthrough Lave Ton Dos back care invention. Claimed to be the perfect solution for the young and elderly to use for reaching those difficult areas on the back for a clean and refreshed feel after having a shower. Internationally patented this is a breakthrough in an industry that has fostered remarkably little innovation in over a century.

The crowdfunding campaign is geared to raise $160 000 within a month. Innovation Emporium is co-founded by Australia based South African entrepreneur Derick Kruis and his business partner Irina Ledneva.

“Not being able to reach your back and clean yourself properly is extremely annoying, especially when you have an injury or disability," Derick Kruis said. "But the good thing is that you do not have to worry about such a problem from now on- courtesy our Lave Ton Dos innovation."

The business has come up with this innovative patented design which promises a more comfortable and easier alternative to those available in the market at present.

"We know how important it is to clean your back properly to achieve that clear glowing skin thus we have been very particular about the design and function for Lave Ton Dos," Mr Kruis said.

"We want you to have our stylish product in your shower so that you can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing shower without stretching or contorting trying to reach. Our design is a breeze to install and will blend with your existing bathroom fixtures like a dream. We are now looking forward to proceed with production and your generous support would be much appreciated."

Bid adieu to the frustration of not being able to reach your back in the shower.

"The good thing is that thanks to our simple design principles, this could potentially give back some independence to the injured, elderly and those with a disability,” Irina Ledneva said.

A host of rewards is waiting for the backers, with discounted prices no less than 40%.  To show your support for Lave Ton Dos, visit ##



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