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Lucky country and land of plenty? 4 million Australians beg to differ.


MELBOURNE, November 26, 2018 / --- Tukr Snacks, a Melbourne-based snack delivery service, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Pozible to donate 1,000 meals to families in need this Christmas through its charitable partner, SecondBite.

Food insecurity affects approximately 4 million Australians each year, according to a comprehensive nationwide study conducted by Foodbank earlier this year. Through lack of access to transport and financial resources, lack of access to nutritional foods at an affordable price point, or even the lack of dietary knowledge - it’s an issue that can lead to poor academic outcomes for young individuals, and contribute to economic and detrimental health problems in the future.

Driven by a personal frustration around high pricing and general lack of healthy eating options in the workplace, founder Matthew Cork was driven to make a change in creating positive habits in the workplace, all the while contributing to the wellbeing of people all over Australia.

“It surprises me that with so much information out there around what we should or shouldn’t be eating, there is still a distinct lack of quality, nutritious eating options in most workplaces." said Mr Cork. "I love a chocolate bar or a bag of chips just as much as the next person, but when it’s the only convenient option in the workplace day after day, it becomes problematic, especially for people with sedentary jobs.”


Tukr Snacks was founded in September 2018, and since then have been able to source and create their own branded products, as well as supporting Australian businesses in curating subscription office snack boxes that include offerings from local brands. By pairing these offerings with their company’s mission - each product they sell will be a step forward in reducing the growing epidemic of food insecurity.


“Reducing waste has been an issue close to my heart for some time,” Mr Cork said. “So we've been to delighted to be able to work with SecondBite who not only save thousands of kilos of food from going to landfill each year but also redistribute it to people who suffer from the real issue of food insecurity."


Each box Tukr Snacks sell contributes up to five meals to SecondBite - a not-for-profit organisation that minimises food waste in Australia while also providing meals to those who are suffering from food insecurity. Since launching earlier this year, Tukr Snacks have been able to donate more than 900 meals to families in need through their partnership with the SecondBite.

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Tukr Snacks, an online snack delivery service for workplaces, has just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Pozible to donate 1000 meals to families in need this Christmas.




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