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Best Reviewer is ready to share the top list of the best affiliate programs to work with for making the revenue.

The professional and well-trained team of the company conducts thorough researches as well as collects the clients’ feedback to perform the objective overview of every service, program or company reviewed on the website.

In 2016 the affiliate marketing was used by 81 percent of brands. Nowadays, this point continues to grow. The affiliate marketing is considered an easy and efficient way to earn money. Thus, Best Reviewer compared the top affiliate programs and now presents the ultimate comparison on its website.

The first place in the list takes the loan affiliate programs. Such kinds of programs are proven to bring high and competitive traffic. There are a lot of opportunities to make a sufficient profit from these affiliate programs, as the commissions are high.

Resume writing services take the second place for affiliates. Based on the resume writing costs, a high commission can be received from such a program. One important point to consider is cooperating only with a professional writer.

One more appealing affiliate program refers to essay writing services. Such a service is considered long-term and stable, as almost every student has at least once turned to such company. If the service satisfies client’s needs, he/she may stay with it for the total education period. It is beneficial for the affiliates to cooperate with the essay writing services because there are a variety of such offers online. The commission usually depends on the kind of paper.

Google Trends state that the popularity of affiliate marketing has risen by 13 percent since 2017. It can be explained by the next factors:

  • The wide range of such programs. Every webmaster can choose the appropriate one. 
  • Various commission tariff. It fluctuates from lower to higher, depending on the kind of affiliate program.
  • Secure payment. This kind of activity makes the income depend only on the affiliate marketer.

Starting an affiliate activity is easier relying on recommendations from It compares and reviews different affiliate programs, which typically allow earning funds from the first day of cooperation.

Best Reviewer suggests the top rank of the affiliate programs which are not considered as the most innovative, but they are definitely the most practical and competent ways of making a profit.

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