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It has recently been brought to our attention that there is a forum thread on an IT and Broadband based forum site called Whirlpool that is focused on Armada Assets Pty Ltd, Chatstone Pty Ltd and Water3 Pty Ltd. While we are humbled with the attention, we feel it necessary to comment, without being dragged into an online trolling situation, which would only act to distract and take our focus off fighting the war on plastic.


The majority of the comments made in the thread are nothing more than uninformed opinions and, in some cases, insulting and defamatory. We are currently consulting our lawyers to have the thread removed. The G link kiosks referred to in the forum are some of the consistently best performing kiosks in the network, and we’d hope that (a) a tram driver would watch the track and not the kiosks, and (b) no-one uses the kiosks when the tram has arrived as they are either getting on the tram, or getting off the tram. With the digital advertising component of the business commencing, events and promotions season in full swing and the fact that we now have over 250 Water3 Kiosks operating throughout SE Qld in the handiest locations, such as shopping centres, bus and train stations, hospitals and schools, it is not surprising that our user network and revenue is growing at such a rapid rate. To find the locations of our Water3 refill stations, please visit www.water3.com


Armada Assets Pty Ltd, Chatstone Pty Ltd and Water3 have always and will always be open, honest and willing to discuss any questions in relation to the activities involved. We are happy to explain the who, the why and the how and always ensure and encourage that our clients make their own educated decisions.


If you would like to discuss anything, please contact us by email on [email protected] or 1800 988 014.

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