Monday, October 19th, 2015

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US Cannabis Company Sets Sights On Australia 21/10/15

The Australian Government’s announcement on medical Cannabis legalisation this week has not come a moment too soon for thousands of Australians suffering debilitating diseases who are desperate to access medicinal Cannabis products.

Colorado based medicinal Hemp company Elixinol was co-founded by Australian resident Paul Benhaim who says “Our company is the world leader in the large-scale manufacture of safe, standardised medical grade organic CBD Hemp oil. To finally have our products legally available in the place I call home will be a real coup."

Benhaim already owns a successful Australian Hemp business but had to start Elixinol in Colorado USA due to Australia’s lack of acceptance for safe medicinal Cannabis in 2014.

“Our Hemp products are not psychoactive like other forms of Cannabis, there is no potential for harm or abuse” says Benhaim. What they do contain is CBD, (Cannabidiol) a non psychoactive compound reputed to have extensive therapeutic properties. “We have thousands of customers around the world who enjoy using our products; many of whom are the parents of sick kids who sought safer, more effective options after finding the ineffectiveness and harmful side effects of conventional treatments to be unacceptable.”

Elixinol is manufactured using Super Critical CO2 technology, a low temperature means to extract all the beneficial plant compounds in their natural undamaged state. The result is pure products of known potency that are contaminant-free. Elixinol's laboratory then refines the extracts for use in highly bioavailable tinctures, capsules, pastes and topicals.

A Hemp industry pioneer for two decades and author of over a dozen books on the subject, Benhaim is eager to see his international network of Hemp experts working alongside Australian farmers. “Australians will benefit from better health, more jobs and more exports not to mention the environmental benefits from growing this wonder plant.”

Elixinol products are already popular with US doctors like Dr. Philip Blair MD who says

“CBD is a natural non-psychoactive substance with extraordinary health benefits. The success with pain relief has been profound. Universally patients report reduced anxiety, improved mood and better sleep”

One such patient was mother of Darren Bray. Darren sought Dr. Blair’s help for his 72 year old mother, a recent stroke victim. “Conventional medicine really didn’t offer her much in the way of relief or hope. So we started giving her Elixinol. Our family were utterly astounded at the rapid improvements we noticed in her. I’m totally convinced, this works!”

Founded in Colorado USA, Elixinol works with breeders and growers of legal high-CBD Industrial Hemp that is organically grown in USA and Europe. Elixinol’s retail products are available in numerous countries. It also supplies bulk raw material to other manufacturers.

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  1. By working closely with a team of medical professionals and through intensive research and development on the most advanced formulations, Elixinol is proud to lead the Medical Cannabis industry when it comes to safety, product innovation and value for money. We have experts with decades of experience working with truly natural products who know how to extract, process and formulate the ingredients we carefully select without resorting to synthetic chemicals while maintaining a strict policy of “no GMO” products whatsoever. Elixinol's vision is to be the most respected cannabanoid product company in the world.

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