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Teachers now have someone ringside: The Enrapture Program, created by local Adelaide teacher, Amelia Eagle, is a dynamic, well-resourced and accessible support package for all teachers; from early graduates to those who have been in the game for most of their life.

Starting at 9am and leaving by 3pm, getting paid to create macaroni art and calling it work, and not to mention all those holidays; teachers have it easy, right? If this were true then why are so many teachers leaving the profession in concerningly significant numbers?

The latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicate that 53% of individuals who hold a teaching degree do not currently work in Education. While figures vary depending on location, between 40-50% of our newest teachers leave the profession within their first five years on the job. Although the reason for their departure varies, there is a consistent trend of young teachers feeling burnt out, disillusioned, but perhaps most disappointingly, they feel unsupported.

However, creator of the Enrapture Program, Amelia Eagle, wants to change this trend. “I have always had a passion for mentoring new teachers; those that are at the beginning stages of their career,” claims Eagle.

Down to earth, and refreshingly relatable, Eagle admits; “Let’s face it; universities just don’t prepare you for the real world of teaching. I wanted to create a program that supports teachers in whatever way they need – not a one-size fits all model but a personalised, customised partnership that assists teachers to fulfil their potential without burning themselves out in the process.”

But it’s not just ‘new teachers’ that are leaving the profession. Research suggests that many long-serving teachers are also retiring early, feeling utterly exhausted and unable to keep up with the demands. Eagle agrees that the role of a teacher has significantly changed over the past 10 years, attesting “it is mainly to do with societal changes in how children are raised and how they learn”. This of course transpires in the classroom, with Eagle acknowledging “teachers are faced with a myriad of learning abilities, behaviours, mental health issues and an ever-changing curriculum – all for one class. The demand to keep up is over-whelming and stressful.”

With 11 years multi-disciplinary teaching and leadership experience and a host of qualifications including a Masters of Educational Leadership, and Certificate IV in Mentoring and Coaching, Eagle has seen it all. She understands the ongoing pressure on teachers to improve results, increase the profile of their profession, meet ever-changing teaching standards and deliver a faultless, differentiated and revolutionary curriculum. At times, it can simply feel impossible. 

The Enrapture Program mission statement clearly defines their aim; “to support teachers so that they can enrapture their students through learning.” Speaking with the brains behind the operation, and testing the support package for myself, it’s clear that finally teachers have someone ringside, and it’s about damn time.

The program caters for all teachers, because you’re gaining a supportive mentor (and let’s face it, we can all use one of those from time to time). In some cases that mentor may simply be someone to assist them with learning new pedagogies and writing curriculum, for others it will be a continuous nurturing of techniques and observation to build the teacher’s confidence in the classroom. Regardless of age or experience, with the Enrapture Program you can expect:

  1. A personalised program that changes as your needs change, to address any area of your teaching you are not happy with or need strengthening.
  2. Consistent and unlimited access to your mentor (you can ask as many questions as you need to!)
  3. The ability to teach with more confidence and creativity.

For early career teachers, this program is a must. For those who have been around for a little while and are feeling deflated and tired, this program could save your career.

For more information check out their website: or email [email protected]

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