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It is now close to two decades since the introduction of cloud computing technology. Today almost all netizens are using cloud since today’s social media platforms are based on cloud data systems. This increased usage of cloud technology is due to the myriad benefits it bestows on users.

Whenever we are thinking about any change, the first thing to come across our mind is an investment. If you are worried that the computing can be expensive, then you are worrying about a wrong thing. The cost of storage along with the host offered by cloud platforms is lesser than the traditional storage solutions which required that one buy server hardware and software which are very expensive. Furthermore, a majority of cloud computing platforms have a pay-as-you-go model. It means you need to pay only for the features and space that you use. It will give you many cost benefits and assure you get the best value for your money.

There is a big reason to thank Soma Technology Group, the firm taking the forefront in ensuring optimum IT solutions to the businesses. Other than being an IT consultant, soma technology group designs and develops IT infrastructure and websites as well as managing the network design of new projects brought by their customers. Anyone looking forward to having his/her business online should think about this firm first. This is not only bound to newbie’s but also old players in online business can get better IT plans incorporated to their existing ideas as well as having better plans focused to the future trends. This leads to customers’ satisfaction and confidence about his/her future.

Cloud solutions are not the only thing at Soma Technology Group, remember they also offer hybrid solutions contributing to high IT support at friendly prices. The high expertise in providing cloud solution renders their customers with high security since nowadays businesses are concerned about the security of their data and applications. However, the fact is that the cloud computing platforms offer much better security than an in-house storage system. One of the major features of cloud platform is to monitor security for the hosted business applications. The platforms offer high-level security against data theft. Soma IT consolidates your security even further since they have partnered with Microsoft as well as Telstra who are the big fish in cloud technology. This has led to the creation of a strong and secure architecture as the counter to the threats of Cyber security, a big threat to the field of computing.

Mobility is one of the most appreciated advantages that come with cloud computing solutions. Soma Technology Group similarly creates platforms for its customers which can let one access the data, information, and business applications from wherever at any time. One and his/her staff can access all business apps remotely via Smartphone’s, tablets, laptops/computers and other computing systems. One has the ability to offer a flexible remote working model to the staff. This results in increased productivity as distance constraint does not hold.

Cloud computing is amazing for all businesses, regardless of their size and industry. You can seamlessly move your websites, business application and complete IT infrastructure on and enjoy many benefits at Soma Technology Group. Get it from this cloud computing company. We will help you switch to the cloud platform. Businesses get their IT support and cloud computing solutions without obstruction at Soma Technology Group.


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soma technology group

soma technology group is a Virtual IT department supporting all types of businesses from SMB’s to Enterprise level. As a Telstra Accredited ICT Partner, the soma technology group team are constantly looking for an opportunity to drive revenue to Telstra paper. We have a proven track record and can provide real client case study evidence in the following areas:


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soma technology group is a Virtual IT department supporting all types of businesses from SMBs to Enterprise level.




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