Monday, October 19th, 2015
  • Compares 35+ RV hire companies in Australia
  • This Sydney start-up has the largest verified listings of RV accommodation (5,500+)
  • The founding duo is looking for industry partnerships

Many start-ups that bring needed innovation to an industry, often fly under the radar. The Australian RV industry is no exception. Call it a lack of press, funding or perhaps marketing prowess; these unknown start-ups are solving some of the industry’s biggest problems. (‘PMV’), a Sydney-based start-up, cofounded by Kate Reynolds and Jethro Batts, is one start-up in question. In fairness, PMV has had some media attention, but nowhere near what warrants a start-up taking on this multi-billion dollar market.

So what does PMV do? They tout themselves as the "Webjet of RVs" comparing all RV hire and RV park accommodation listings across Australia. This wealth of information creates a ‘one stop shop’ for vanners hitting the road down under.

PMV did this by partnering with ‘Camps’, who have assisted them in modernising the industry, by bringing caravan park accommodation online. For anyone who knows even a little bit about the RV industry, would have heard of the collection of ‘Camps’ books. At last count it was over 5,500 parks including caravan parks, national parks and RV-friendly towns. They are now also conveniently located online on the PMV site.

If this isn’t enough, PMV also compare over 35 RV hire suppliers online in Australia (who knew there were that many!). This gives travellers the option to ‘hire a van’ for their adventures.

Having contacted the founders Jethro and Kate on their next steps, they are eager to create partnerships, sponsorships and discuss investment opportunities to further PMV’s journey. “The only way we will get anywhere is from furthering our industry partners. We have been incredibly fortunate to find partners with Camps as well as partners in CodeSource. We are definitely open to working with an industry company that aligns with our mission. Like many start-ups requiring resources, partnering is one of the best ways to break into an industry” says Jethro from his hammock in his Sydney office.

Whatever the future holds for PMV; sites like this need as much industry support as they can get. For anyone wanting to contact Park My Van, email admin[at]


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Park My Van Pty Ltd

PMV is a tourism startup that helps traveller’s compare, hire and book all their vanning, motorhoming and RV needs. Travellers are able to compare vans, as well as parks to book their transport and accommodation needs in one central location – online!



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