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Sydney, 6 September, 2018 – Australian online fundraising platform Charitizer has brought op shops into the 21st century with an easy way for people to donate goods to the charity of their choice.

Brady Gunn, founder of Charitizer, said, "It's like eBay crossed with Vinnies! With Charitizer you can list an item for sale, choose how much of the sale price you'd like to donate, and select a cause close to your heart- then when it sells, your cause gets the funds."

The idea came out of the desire to support charities that didn't have op shops. Brady said, "I was moving house so I had some things to donate and they all went to one charity. So many great causes miss out on the money from donated goods as they don't have a store. So I started thinking.... why can't you donate stuff online to support a cause close to your heart?  The concept of Charitizer was born!

"The more research we did, the more we saw there was a real need for a new, easy and effective way for Australians to contribute to their favourite causes." 

Charitizer allows any cause to register such as registered charities, non-government organisations, schools, sporting groups, community organisations and even individuals that need a hand.

Professor Sanchia Aranda, CEO, Cancer Council Australia says, “We’re delighted to be working with Charitizer, providing people with an innovative new way to donate, which helps us continue our vital work across cancer prevention, support, advocacy and research.

"We also found that people would donate more and feel better if there was more measure-ability and transparency in the process. On the Charitizer platforms you can see your donation arrive, be thanked for it, watch it do good, share your good deeds and see others who are also passionate. You can see the results make a real difference for the cause you love and everyone can see that you stand for it. It gives a real sense of validation and contribution. Helping makes you happy!"

Australians are a nation of hoarders, with 89% of the population keeping unwanted or unused items. Typically, these goods will be offloaded by donating, selling or gifted to family or friends but a lot are still binned.

According to Gumtree's Second Hand Economy Report 2018, Australian households on average have about 25 unused items worth an estimated $4,200.

"We're encouraging everyone doing a spring clean and 'Charitize' those unwanted goods instead of dumping them on the street for Council clean up or selling them and keeping the money," Brady said.

"There ar so many worthy causes out there that deserve your help so give Charitizer a go! If you don't have anything to sell then just go shopping. You'll find some really cool second hand stuff and even new products from retailers."

Causes and users can register now by visiting or download the app on iOS or Android

More about the second hand economy

Key findings from Gumtree's Second Hand Economy Report:

  • Almost 100 million used goods were sold in the last 12 months, with a growing number of people selling second hand for the first time in the last year.
  • The second hand economy is made up of online sales, buying second hand, garage sales, markets, swaps & exchanges or donations.
  • A substantial rise in the second hand economy is largely driven by the 89% of people who are holding onto an average of 25 unnecessary items per household - equating to a value of up to $4,200.
  • Main reason for shopping second-hand is to save money, particularly by 18 - 24 age group
  • Women are more likely to cite a love of a bargain, supporting charity and greener motivations for buying second-hand
  • In the past five years, a younger audience has been growing the retro and vintage niche
  • Aussies could help capitalise an estimated $34 billion in the second hand economy

[1]    Source: Gumtree Second Hand Economy Report -


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Charitizer is a new way for the community to donate goods.

List your unwanted items for sale on our app. When they sell, the funds go to the cause that you're most passionate about... you choose!

You can support all kids of causes: large and small charities, animal welfare, health, emergencies, appeals, local community or you can even create your own! Anyone can create a cause and do good with Charitizer.

A better way to shop, sell and donate!

Brady Gunn
M: 0415111251


Charitizer. A better way to shop, sell and donate! Sell the stuff that you don't want and use the power of your purchase to make a real difference in the world.



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