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MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: Fresh off a two-year stint working with top performers around the world, including as the lead voice coach in Gloria Estefan's Tony-nominated On Your Feet Broadway premiere, Torb Pedersen arrives in Melbourne to work with youth artists in his first-ever Young Artist Professional Workshop-Accelerated Specialty program. Pedersen will share techniques usually reserved for the world’s largest stars in a one-day workshop for vocal artists ages 11-15 in Melbourne on Sunday, September 16, 2018.


Pedersen has spent the past three decades working with some of the best voices in music and entertainment. From Capitol Records, Warner Music and Sony (Latin), to A&M, Interscope, Disney/Dreamworks, Atlantic Records, Pedersen was routinely called in to help recording artists experiencing vocal stress. 


Usually this kind of work is blanketed by non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements but, such is Pedersen’s level of skill, many recording artists have publicly spoken of the help he gave them, including Gloria Estefan, Michael Franti and SpearheadFantineWes Carr, and Troy Cassar-Daley.  Overall, over 100 Grammy Awards have been won by his clients. 


Pedersen, who has run adult workshops for vocal artists around the world, explains the impetus behind launching a vocal program for young artists, “There is a litany of vocal skills that most adults find difficult to master that would have been effortless if only they had the right coaching and guidance at a young age.” He continues, “By working with young artists, I can teach them how to exploit the benefits of their age, teaching them skills and techniques that would be difficult to master later on in life and giving them the foundation to avoid issues that plague virtually every adult singer.”


Pedersen takes a scientific approach to his practice, explaining the physical causes and the neurology behind the necessary skillsets to becoming a world-renowned performer as well as potential vocal issues most famous recording artists ultimately face. “Understanding the technical functioning of the voice not only protects a singer from falling victim to habits and errors that cause long term damage, but provides singers much greater control over the instrument that is their voice,” Pedersen says. 


Singers from Pedersen’s adult workshops have experienced dramatic transformations, even after one session. Talia Cran, a Brisbane-based performer, signed up for an adult workshop after straining her voice. “I've been spending my whole life singing and then realizing that I'm doing it wrong the whole time. Finding out that there are no limits to your voice is just mind-blowing, the fact that you can reach any note that you want to if you do it correctly,” Cran said. 


The one-day workshop for vocal artists ages 11-15 will take place in Melbourne on Sunday, September 16, 2018. Applications are now being accepted.  Some musical knowledge is preferred though no previous singing instruction is required. Students who wish to be considered for the program are asked to provide a short audio or video clip of their singing ability. Applications may be submitted via on the workshops tab or by clicking on this link.  


During his time in Melbourne Pedersen will also collaborate with top recording studio Black Pearl to offer adult vocal workshops for new and returning students including an Advanced Specialty Vocal Workshop.



TPI founder, Torbjørn Pedersen, is the most comprehensively sought-after vocal expert in the world. Torb advises a diverse portfolio of clients from World Leaders, CEO’s and The White House Press Corps to major Record Labels and the winners of over 100 Grammy Awards.


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