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Brisbane, Queensland - Australia. – Over four night sessions, aspiring local singers will enjoy exclusive access to vocal pioneer Torb Pedersen when he hosts a Vocal Transformation Workshop at one of Queensland’s top recording studios in late October. 

Recognized internationally as the world’s number one authority on the voice, Pedersen has worked with more than 100 Grammy Award winners during his 25-year music career.  In this once-in-a-lifetime workshop, he’ll help fledgling and established artists realize their singing potential while avoiding the pain of vocal damage – using the same proven methods reserved for high-profile recording artists and studios that are not taught elsewhere.

Pedersen’s comprehensive knowledge across a vast array of academic and related disciplines help him find solutions to seemingly impossible vocal problems – a repertoire he’s looking forward to sharing with local rising talent for the first time.

“Teaching institutions would often have you believe that singing is some elusive art,” explained Pedersen.  “But in truth, singing is just like any other physical endeavor – it requires a series of coordinated actions where muscles and nerves allow you to perform a specific function, just like your favourite sport.  As such, singing can be studied, analysed and learned.”

Designed for a small group of a maximum of 10 to 15 independent artists to foster an intimate, interactive environment, the workshop will teach participants how to sing longer and more powerfully, increase their ranges, hit high notes with precision and strength, and eliminate vocal strain.  Attendees are encouraged to bring instruments and original material and will receive individual mentorship in addition to group instruction.

The revolutionary, real world-based Vocal Transformation Workshop will include:

  • RANGE - Immediate and dramatic increases, often of an octave or more, in a healthy, sustainable and reproducible manner – and without breaks, switches or inconsistencies
  • SYMPTOM AND ISSUE FIXES – Including strain and other forms of discomfort, endurance, vocal quality danger signs and neurological calibration
  • CONTROL AND PRECISION – Techniques and tips applicable across all artistic aspects of recording and performance
  • STYLING – Access to a vast database of styling tools in virtually every musical style, along with technical and industry interpretation of the artist’s original music
  • INDIVIDUAL ANALYSIS – Personal interaction and examination of an artist’s unique vocal issues to improve their voice and vocal health after they leave the workshop
  • NEUROLOGICAL FUNCTIONING ANALYSIS – Common issues affecting how the artist is singing – and what to do about it   
  • TIPS AND SECRETS – Including preparation, inner workings of the music industry, neurological calibration, and recording, concert and performance techniques, along with personalized nightly exercises

Pedersen previously hosted a Vocal-One workshop in Seattle and is currently in Melbourne, Australia hosting their Young Artists Workshop.

Attractively priced to accommodate local artists’ budgets, the four-session workshop being held in October will cost $495AUD and will be held at Tall Poppy Productions at 3/629 Toohey Rd., Salisbury. To apply, visit

The Workshop Dates are:

Session 1: Tuesday 9th October 2018
Session 2: Thursday 11th October2018
Session 3: Tuesday 16th October 2018
Session 4: Thursday 18th October 2018

About Torb Pedersen

Internationally recognized as the world’s number one authority on the voice, Pedersen has served as vocal specialist for Capital Records, Warner Music, Sony, Geffen, A&M and Atlantic Records over the past 25 years.  With clients ranging from major stars to the White House Press Corps, Pedersen’s recent projects include Gloria Estefan, Fantine, Henry Mancini Orchestra’s PBS special, The Barry Gibb Tour Australia/New Zealand, and vocal coach for the “On Your Feet” Broadway premiere.

Considered by many as the father of modern voice, Pedersen is the fastest, most meticulous and knowledgeable vocal coach of our time.  His innovated technologies, backed by more than 20 years of research and scientific testing, have set a new standard in vocal teaching and methodologies previously not thought possible.  Deeply passionate about helping artists avoid the pain of vocal damage as well the frustration of dealing with the currently inadequate standard of vocal advice and coaching, Pedersen coaches and lectures in Japan, China, Scandinavia, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand and the United States.


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Local artists to enjoy unprecedented opportunity to learn proprietary methodologies and science-based techniques from globally acclaimed vocal expediter, researcher and industry insider




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