Wednesday, August 29th, 2018 - Smokey Days BBQ

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Three Brisbane boys are setting off on an epic adventure. They will be competing in the Port Macquarie BBQ wars on the 15th and 16th of September.

This is their very first competition and some say they are crazy dipping their toes in the water at the largest BBQ comp outside of the USA, in fact, 100 teams will be competing.

Cheyne, Russ and Chay have been perfecting their low and slow BBQ skills at home and believe they have a good chance of placing in all five proteins. On Saturday the 15th, they will turn in Beef, Pork, Ribs, Lamb and Chicken all one hour apart. This means staying up all night camping next to their smokers to ensure they present boxes that will rank high in appearance, taste and tenderness. To do this they will start cooking around 11 pm Friday night.

The boys are funding this themselves as they have been turned down for sponsorship by numerous butchers, charcoal brands and the like. It seems like its a hard push breaking into the elusive world of American BBQ. 

Why do they want to do this?

BBQ s a real passion for them, most weekends you will find them firing up the smoker and feeding family and friends.  "Family are great guinea pigs, they are always honest," says Cheyne.

"Its also something we can do with our wives and kids, it gets the whole family involved. In fact, my young daughters are always on the lookout for spices and good quality ribs and brisket"

What sets them apart?

Unlike a lot of competitive BBQ teams, Cheyne, Russ and Chay don't use pre-made rubs and sauces. Many a night has been spent concocting bbq sauce and blending the perfect rub to get the right flavour profile. When it comes to smoking, the boys rely on a Harker Chubby offset smoker (Entry Level) and a few Webber BBQ's. "We won't be pulling into BBQ Wars with a big rig. We will have the basic backyard equipment on the back of a ute with a trailer, " says Chay.

An unlikely trio, the team that is Smokey Days BBQ is made up of a Managing Director, Boiler Maker and a Warehouse Operations Manager.  "Obviously we want to place highly in the rankings," says Russ "But really, its more about getting out there and having a go with good mates by your side"

Even though they haven’t completed their first competition, Smokey Days BBQ have already registered for numerous BBQ comps next year. Nothing like biting the bullet and jumping in head first!

If you would like more information on the Smokey Days BBQ team including images, video's or interviews please contact - 

Cindy Kent - 0407 325 559

Email - [email protected]

Instagram -  @smokeydaysbbq

Facebook - /smokeydaysbbq



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Smokey Days BBQ

American style low and slow BBQ team based in Brisbane Australia. 

Smokey Days are just starting out with competition BBQ, follow their journey from the backyard to the competitive BBQ circuit.




Cindy Kent
M: 0407325559


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