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Courses on how to get pregnant and have a safe, healthy pregnancy are popular with Australian midwives, pregnant women and women looking to conceive


 Sunshine Coast, Australia, 24th August 2018, Nikki Warren was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome when she worked as a flight attendant around 15 years ago.

“After going to several specialists and spending a lot of money I went to see a student naturopath one day because it was free and I thought I had nothing to lose.  I hadn’t had a period in a year after coming off the pill, I had acne on my chin and I was overweight (part of the symptoms of polycystic ovaries).  She put me on a liquid herbal formula and within 3 weeks my period returned, the acne started disappearing and I started to lose weight.  I was so impressed with the results that I decided to start studying naturopathy the next year and during that year I fell pregnant with my daughter. “
“While pregnant, I became obsessed with learning everything I could about using natural therapies during pregnancy, for birth preparation and during labour.  After gaining this knowledge I decided to do something with it and specialised in fertility as a naturopath as soon as I opened my first clinic in NZ in 2008. “

Nikki Warren offers online courses for midwives and the general public.

Nikki adds: “Midwives are often asked questions by women about natural therapies and they usually have a holistic view about health.  It is essential for midwives and any health professional to have access to the latest research, so they can advise women how to supplement appropriately.”

Midwives learn why there is a need for separate prenatal multivitamins in the first trimester, ways that pregnant mums can reduce morning sickness, differences in biochemistry of B vitamins, benefits of supplementation for mums and babies, why there is an increased demand for nutrients in the second and third trimester of pregnancy, ways to reduce the likelihood of getting gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia, treating constipation and insomnia in pregnancy, birth preparation and using natural therapies during labour.
Testimonials from midwives and naturopaths:


“I loved your webinar and learned so much. I will definitely be doing the next one in October. Really valuable knowledge and a great supplement for my midwifery practice when I graduate!” 
“I thought they were extremely comprehensive and you have thoroughly researched all aspects.”
“I just finished watching your first trimester webinar and I found it very informative and interesting not only as a naturopath but also because i'm 32 weeks pregnant!”

Nikki understands that it can be expensive to see a naturopath. She designed the courses so that women can learn about preconception care and natural fertility for men and women, blood tests required and how to understand what they mean, how to supplement appropriately and according to blood test results.
There are also courses on diet and lifestyle during pregnancy, how to reduce morning sickness and the benefits of supplementation for mum and baby.
Nikki says that the most popular course is the female fertility package which includes a two-hour module about preconception care and getting to know your cycle.
Nikki concludes:

“It’s great value because it costs less than an initial consultation and contains the same amount of information you would receive in 3-4 naturopathic consultations.”


Courses available to the public are here - https://nikkiwarrennaturopath.com/product-category/courses/
Courses available for health professionals are here - https://naturobest.com/iump-register/?lid=5
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here are also courses on diet and lifestyle during pregnancy, how to reduce morning sickness and the benefits of supplementation for mum and baby.


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