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At Brutal Pixie we have just partnered with It's an exciting day for us, because we rely on interviews a lot as part of our research cycle.

Great interviews are critical path for us. Here's why.

Excellent interviews shorten the research phase, ensure accuracy, and allow us to stay on-brand.

A great interview feels lightweight, is easy, is a great conversation, and gets you all of the information you require in order to achieve a task. I call it the art of interrogation, though the word interrogation is a bit confronting for Muggles. (A muggle is a non-magical person; it comes from this fictional world.)

When it comes to content creation, particularly in industries where expertise is the reason for buying a service, interviewing subject-matter experts is often the fastest way to get what you need. Research is important if you are going to create a great interview experience, absolutely. In fact, I wrote about this extensively for my first book, Music Journalism 101. (A taster is here, and if you want the book, go here.)

Interviews need to be transcribed. That's where Rev comes in.

Rev saves us hours and hours in transcribing. The transcripts are nearly always A1, they are cheaper than we can do it ourselves, and the turnaround time is lightning fast. Every one of these facts is a benefit for our clientele at Brutal Pixie.

The truth is, the interview itself is only a tiny part of the work. There's the preparation ahead of time, and the transcribing afterwards. Most journalists will transcribe their own interviews, because it is the only way to ensure privacy of their sources, but in B2B marketing content, that concern is irrelevant: The material is going to be in public sphere anyway, with the source and intention 100% visible and available.

And as for the professionals employed by Rev? They have strict standards themselves. You can read more about that in their FAQ.

The payoff in speed and cost for the high quality returned is, frankly, unbeatable, which is why we don't use a local service.

As much as I am all about building the local economy, nothing in Australia comes close to offering a service like Rev does. In many cases, our transcripts are turned around within 2 hours; in all cases, even if we had 200 interviews to transcribe, they would be turned around within 24 hours.

This is because Rev splits up the audio to maximise the speed of return. Their team of professional transcribers don't necessarily work on the entire thing.

They also pay their team properly, which is something that we're all about at Brutal Pixie. Their transcribers earn a minimum of $24 USD per hour of audio transcribed, which today is the equivalent of $32 AUD per hour.

Ultimately, this is all about our clients.

No matter what your service is, if you can reduce the time and cost associated with service delivery, then it is a win-win. It's a win for you, because it drops your overheads; but it's an even bigger win for your clients.

Our clients can now access excellent transcriptions, high quality video captions, and more. Their service is faster and cheaper, and it allows us to focus on serving them, instead of doing admin jobs.

Want to try yourself? Have a $10 coupon.

I tell everyone to use Rev. It's been a complete game-changer for us, and it can be for you, too. Here's a $10 coupon for you to use. Go and see for yourself why we love it so much.

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