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The Goon Show LIVE!, a live-on-stage homage to the original lunatics, Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers and Harry Secombe, is appearing at the Geals Club in Penrith this Fathers' Day weekend.

There will be two shows only; Saturday 1st September at 7pm, and a special Fathers' Day afternoon matinee at 3pm on the Sunday 2nd September.

A tour de overacting, incorporating recreated sound effects and silly voices, the show features a platoon of well-loved characters who have been entertaining the world since they exploded on the comedy scene in the 1950s.They include the world’s most famous idiot Eccles, the squeaky-voiced boy-scout Bluebottle (who reads his stage-directions out loud), Major Dennis Bloodnok a devout coward, and Miss Minnie Bannister the sexy senior citizen who lives in sin with crumbling, fumbling old man Henry Crun.

The Goon Show LIVE! debuted in June 2013 in Katoomba, Blue Mountains, where it returns annually, and has since toured to Sydney, the Hunter Valley and the NSW Central Coast. 

Fans of the Goons and British Comedy generally, return to the show regularly. Jim, a returnee, said of the show, "...I can unreservedly recommend it to anyone... It's been a long time since I had such an enjoyable evening's entertainment."

Robin, another Goons tragic said "Fantastically accurate reproduction of the original... It is marvellous..."

Featuring three original episodes from the BBC Radio cult series, the stories centre around the rotund and very short character of Neddie Seagoon a good-natured and hairy sort, who is victim to a terrible weakness… GREED. Coupled with his innate gullibility, Neddie’s covetous nature makes him easy prey to confidence schemes courtesy of the conniving cads Grytpype-Thynne and Moriarty.

The episodes being performed at the Geals Club are;

Drums Along the Mersey, written by Spike Milligan., which was first broadcast on 11 October 1956. It follows Neddie on a quest to South America where he attempts to pursuade the locals that all Peruvians are Welsh, in order to claim a £1,000,000 inheritance.

The Mystery of the Marie Celeste (Solved!), which was cowritten by Spike Milligan & Eric Sykes and was first broadcast on 16 November 1954. It is unlikely tales in which a mysterious philanthropist offers £5,000 for information about the Marie Celeste.

The Internal Mountain, first broadcast on 28 December 1986. and written by Spike Milligan. While you might think it is enough to climb Mount Everest from the outside, this story's heros do it the hard way, from the inside.

The cast mimic the character voices that were created by Milligan, Sellers and Secombe; and using transcripts of the original BBC broadcasts, they recreate the episodes as they were heard by families gathering around the wireless, including the mistakes which went to air.

Starring Simon Lenthen, Johnny Cordukes and DC Callan as Secombe, Milligan and Sellers respectively, they are joined by John Bailey as the BBC announcer, and Andrew Russell who provides musical interludes throughout the show.

The Goon Show LIVE! plays at 7pm Saturday September 1st, and 3pm Sunday September 2nd.

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Venue; The Penrith Gaels Cultural and Sporting Club, 75 Richmond Road, corner Glebe Place, Kingswood NSW 2747. Phone 02 4722 8180



simon on side: Simon Lenthen plays the rotund and very short character of Neddie Seagoon a good-natured and hairy sort, who is victim to a terrible weakness… GREED

DavidC_Silly: DC Callan plays the characters of Peter Sellers, including the squeaky-voiced boy-scout Bluebottle.  

JohnnyC_Silly: Johnny Cordukes plays Spike Milkligan's characters, including the voice of the world’s most famous idiot Eccles.

JohnB_Silly: John Bailey brings gravitas to the show as the ubiquitous BBC Announcer.

09---DSC_4010-Edit-2-EditE: Andrew Russell, vocalist and guitar presents the musical interludes throughout the show


The Goon Show LIVE! is directed and produced by Bryan Cutts, the Artistic Director of Entertainment Blue Mountains.

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