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When you decided to start a bakery business, there are lots of things to think about. However, one of the most important thing is that what equipment you are going to purchase. The quality of the equipment could make or break the business. In this article, we have listed a few top commercial baking equipment that you should consider purchasing.


If you use bread or another roasted product, start with the dough. After the mixed dough is crucial for the quality and texture of the final product, although a very small professional may prefer to mix bread with a hand on a wooden tray from a baker's table, most commercial bakeries will need at least one, if not several, dough mixers.



Commercial planetary mixers are available in varieties or sizes, varying from small 5 qt. countertop models up to 100+ qt. floor units most middle bakers will have different large floor units and can benefit from the portable nature of the board, which will quickly and easily consist of a small amount of glaze or filling. Our commercial mixing guide is a great resource with more details about mixers, including the correct size of the chart. The most important factor is to adjust the power of the mixer.


Pasta Dividers are specialized pieces of commercial bakery products that consist of pieces of commercial bakery products. Dee rollers take the ball and extend it. This improves the consistency in his pints and masses of pizza.
Pasta distributors and laminators save a lot of work and help you improve the consistency of your production. However, you want to consider investing back. As a result, they are often used by larger objects.



When you try dough, let it cool before baking. Since the dough is better in hot and humid environments, you may want to invest in some corner cabinets. This specialized equipment reaches the perfect temperature and humidity level to achieve consistent and repeatable results. Suffice it to say that the number of variations and styles of test boxes is huge. Purchase considerations:
You can buy cabinets that are strictly designed for tests or models that also have a warm maintenance function. These combined and test cabinets offer you the versatility of two different devices in one area; you can try to keep the finished product or other food in the same cupboard!



If you want to slow the mass increase, you can freeze it. However, some types of dough are better when they are allowed to eat at higher temperatures than commercial refrigerators. In that case, you could consider the retarder. The most virtual decontaminants are actually combinations of units that are changed into a massive test. These retarder/proofer cameras are excellent workers' protectors because you can put them on the ground at night, which you can prove when you're done. Some specialized models combine the retarder/fermenter and convection oven in one unit!


The heart of every baker is your oven and you have the possibility to purchase an oven. As with buying a commercial mixer, it is important to think about the type of product you produce and which type of oven best suits your needs. When planning, keep in mind that, regardless of the type of stove you are installing, you almost always need it under the ventilation hood.

With these bakery equipment, you should be able to have a clear understanding of what you will need. Macpan Australia has been providing baking supplies for over 25years. Feel free to enquiry for what you are after and we will help you gear up.

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This article has summarised the bakery and pastry equipment you should consider purchasing when starting a baking business



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