Friday, July 6th, 2018 - Community Safety Watch

Community Safety Watch is a mobile personal security app created to:

  • Keep your family safe 
  • Notify you of crime incidents in your area
  • Find your nearest Police Station from any location worldwide
  • Connect with other users in your community and stay alert

How Does It Work?

Our Panic Button feature enables youto push the HELP button and your two emergency 

contacts will receive a text that you are facing an emergency situation. The exact

Geo Location and a map will be sent to the recipients.


Find A Police Station enables users to find the nearest  Police Station anywhere around the world

from their location. It provides a list of the closest Police Stations, their Suburb, directions and a map.


Post An Incident - Allows you to post a crime incident that you see happening and users in that area will

be notified in real time.


Connect With Your Community - Connects you with other users in your community to stay alert and 

maintain security in your area.


More information can be found at

Community Safety Watch is avallable on Google Play and soon to come to the Apple Store


Please help us to promote personal safety and security. Community Safety Watch is also creating educational programs for

schools and community groups to educate on personal safety and household security.




Contact Profile

Community Safety Watch

Maree Hamilton  (Scates) is a Public Speaker and Author (of Life Sucks BUT YOU CAN Turn It Around and more!) and is an advocate for 

personal safety, particularly for women, having suffered domestic violence in the past. 

Maree and her husband Ash are entrepreneurs passionate about keeping communities safe and this is their contribution to saving lives.

Please help them with their vision of creating safer communities.

Maree Hamilton
M: 0408340817


Kick Ass Aussie Security App Like No Other! 99c is the cost to Stay Safe! Use Our Push Alarm With Geo Location! HELP US SAVE LIVES AROUND THE WORLD!




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