Thursday, June 28th, 2018

There is no doubt that Workplace Health & Safety is the #1 item on most boardroom agendas, and companies continue to invest heavily in ensuring their compliance and continuous improvement. 

However combine a professional WHS analysis with poor management and generally all you achieve is a bigger problem, or at the very least a significant waste of time, money and resource.

Now combine that analysis with appropriately informed, trained, and supported management, and you will quickly see the benefits.

This is the objective of a newly formed joint venture between eXenet, a Supply Chain Recruitment specialist and provider of HR services, and LJM Group, a specialist Safety organization.

Professionals Unite to Provide Real Workplace Health & Safety Solutions

For more than two decades LJM has been assisting blue chip companies to conform and lead with their workplace health and safety initiatives. The company’s Managing Director Max Lloyd-Jones says: “Safety makes good business sense once leadership is prepared to move beyond compliance to integrate safe work practices into their core processes. When leaders adopt safety as a genuine core value and refuse to tolerate unacceptable risk, the result is improved productivity and better business outcomes. Safety and Operations become seamless and this can produce real competitive advantage.”

Lloyd-Jones approached eXenet to promote the view that his company’s success and ability to produce meaningful solutions can be further enhanced by an ability to ensure that all personnel engaged in the Workplace Health and Safety arena are well supported and have appropriate skills, experience, and personalities. He said: “We must go that extra mile and make a commitment to ensure that what we build is not only delivered, but installed and programmed for longevity. To use a Formula One analogy, the best car in the race will finish in the middle of the pack at best without a highly skilled driver. It is no longer acceptable to deliver a report and hope that its contents are successfully implemented by others.”    

Kevin Daly is the Managing Director of eXenet, and for his part Daly said: “Perhaps the biggest mistake we see in personnel selection is the lack of focus on the individual. Safety is not a product it’s a corporate personality, and you can employ as many degrees as your budget will allow, but if you don’t have the right individuals you will fail. And the right individual begins with their personality and then their skills and experience, not the other way around”.

Daly continued: “Safety has been a roller coaster. Needs are identified, processes written, instructions delivered. Add to that list a culture defined, implemented and furiously enforced, and you are on the way to a real solution and competitive advantage. We strongly believe that what we are now able to offer to the marketplace is a genuinely attractive cocktail of substance and performance. A solution not only offering a roadmap but the means to arrive at a company’s desired destination.”


Kevin Daly

Managing Director


Ph: 02 9478 4442

E: [email protected]



Max Lloyd-Jones

Managing Director

LJM Group

T: 02 9955 4473
E: [email protected]



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A newly formed joint venture between eXenet, a Supply Chain Recruitment specialist and provider of HR services, and LJM Group, a specialist Safety organization.



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