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SK Cleaning Services is one of the leading companies in Melbourne dealing in carpet cleaning services. The company has a high reputation and people trust the staff for getting their carpets cleaned. This is evident from the positive feedback which can be seen on the company website as well. The company has all the experience and expertise to give your carpets a new look. Moreover, it is a certified company providing excellent services to its clients. Although, the company has its base in Melbourne, it offers carpet cleaning services in other surrounding areas as well which is par excellence.

The company has been making substantial profits, all thanks to the hard working staff which always puts in their best efforts. The company has also won many awards and recognitions. It will soon cover the whole of Australia. The staff is highly talented and certified. The company is growing at a rapid rate due to focus on quality and customer satisfaction. Although it is a leading company, but will soon become the topmost carpet cleaning company if it continues growing at such a rapid rate.

Mr. Gagan the C.E.O of the company says that “I am happy with the growth of the company. We will soon be covering more areas. It is our hard working staff which has helped us grows”. No doubts the company is doing excellent job. The quality service it has been delivering is the main reason behind the success of the company. Further he says “we believe in sustainable development. It is for this reason that we don’t use any harmful chemicals. All our cleaning solutions are environment friendly and does not cause any harm.” The company is concerned towards environment and hence does not believe in using toxic products. This is what one of the customers “Mr. Love Kapoor”, a resident of Melbourne had to say- “I had arranged a party at my home and was really worried about the stains on my carpet, but thanks to SK Cleaning Services Company which served as an ultimate rescue. I was highly impressed with the hospitable staff and how they took care of everything in a professional manner. They cleaned my carpet well on time and hence I was able to throw away the party without any regret or hesitation. It is one of the best companies I have come across so far.”



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SK Cleaning Services was founded in the year (2010) with the initiative of Mark. It has been doing a great job since its inception. The certified staff has won the company many recognitions and awards. It has been operating in Melbourne right from the beginning. The company’s prime focus is on excellence and improvement. It is for this reason that it has been constantly evolving and making its customers happy. The company is proud to have emerged as a leader in carpet cleaning services in Melbourne.


Company Name:- SK Cleaning Services           

Contact Person: - Mark      

Email Id:[email protected]

Phone Number:- 1300 284 115

Address:- Melbourne,3000, VIC   

Country:- Australia


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