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This report estimates the market size of generic drugs in terms of value (US$ million) over the period of 2015 to 2023. The year 2015 is considered to be historic year and 2016 a base year. 2017 to 2023 is considered to be a forecast period. The market sizes for global generic drugs by therapeutic area and by region are estimated in terms of value.

This market research study provides detailed qualitative and quantitative analyses of the global generic drugs market. Additionally the report provides a comprehensive review of the major market drivers restraints opportunities in the generic drugs

Moreover the study highlights current market trends and provides forecast from 2017 to 2023. We also have highlighted future trends in the global generic drugs market that will impact the demand during the forecast period.

Research Scope & Market Segmentation

     By Therapeutic Area

     Mental Health Cardiovascular








By Region

   North America


   Asia Pacific

   Latin America

   Rest of the World



Table of Content

Section 1 Executive Summary

Section 2 Research Scope And Methodology

     Scope of the Study

     Key Objectives

     Research Methodology

     Estimation Parameters and Predictive Modeling

     Assumptions and Limitations

Section 3 Global Generic Drugs Market:

     Market Dynamics




Section 4 Market Overview


     Industry Overview

     Geographic Distribution of Medicine Spending, 2014

     Key Trends in the Generic Industry

     Recent Product Launch: Generic

     First-Time Generic Drug Approvals 2017-2018

     Product Recalls and Litigations

     Regulations and Standards (U.S. and Europe)

Section 5 Global Generic Drugs Market :

     Industry Analysis

     Competitive Strategies: Generic Pharma

     Recent Mergers and Acquisitions

     Market Share Analysis

     Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

     Bargaining Power of Suppliers

     Bargaining Power of Buyers

     Threat of Substitutes

     Threat of New Entrants

     Competitive rivalry

     Supply Chain Analysis

     Value Chain Analysis

     Pricing and Reimbursement Scenario

Section 6 Global Generic Drugs Market :

     Critical Factors for Success

     Key Success Factors With Branded Generics In Emerging Markets

Section 7 Global Generic Drugs Market :

     Economic Insights




     Trade Balance

     R&D expenditure

     Per Person Medication Spending

     Generic Savings

     List of Drugs Expiring: 2018-2025

Section 8 Major Demand Determinants


     Rising Incidence of Infectious Diseases (Last 10 Year Statistics)

     Rising Incidence of Cancer and Cardiovascular Diseases (Last 10 Year Statistics)

     Elderly Population

Section 9 Global Generic Drugs Market:

     Competitive Landscape


     M&A Activity in the Generic Industry

     Ranking Generic Companies by Value

     Top 50 Generic Companies with a U.S. Presence by Value

     Top 100 Global Generic Companies by Value

     Market Share Analysis by Therapeutic Area



     Genitourinary/ hormonal Drugs






Section 10 Global Generic Drugs Market By Therapeutic Area, 2015-2025 (US$ billion)

     Mental Health








Section 11 Global Generic Drugs Market by Region, 2015-2025 (US$ billion)

     North America


     Market Overview

     Generic Market Size and Growth, 2015-2025

     Market participants

     Competitive Landscape

     Future trends and strategic issues


     Market Overview

     Generic Market Size and Growth, 2015-2025

     Market participants

     Competitive Landscape

     Future trends and strategic issues




     Market Overview

     Generic Market Size and Growth, 2015-2025

     Market participants

     Competitive Landscape

     Future trends and strategic issues







         Rest of Europe

     Asia Pacific



          S. Korea


          Rest of Asia Pacific

     Latin America



   Rest of Latin America




         South Africa

        Rest of RoW

Section 12 Company Profile


          Company Overview


          Product Portfolio

          Recent Developments

          Production Capacity

          Production Location

          Actual Production

     Teva Pharmaceutical

     Sum Pharma




     Yangtze River Pharma

     CR Pharmaceutical


     Aspen Pharmacare

     Dr. Reddy’s



     Perrigo – Prescription Pharma



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List of Figure

Figure 01: Global Generic Drugs Market by Therapeutic Areas, 2016-2025 (%)

Figure 02: Global Generic Drugs Market by Therapeutic Areas, 2016 (US$ billion)

Figure 03: Global Generic Drugs Market by Region, 2015-2025 (%)

Figure 04: Global Generic Drugs Market by Region, 2016 (US$ billion)

Figure 05: Geographic Distribution of Medicine Spending, 2014

Figure 06: Top 15 Generic Drugs Market Players, 2016

Figure 07: Top 25 Fastest-Growing Pharmaceuticals Import Countries, 2016

Figure 08: Top 10 Pharmaceutical Importers, By Each Region

Figure 09: Global R&D Spending (US$ Billion), 2008- 2016

Figure 10: Healthcare Cost per Capita for Selected Countries

Figure 11: Annual Generic Drug Savings In the U.S. (US$ Billion), 2005- 2014

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