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There’s a lot of hype online about the so-called miracle properties of amino acids when it comes to relieving the symptoms of menopause. The internet has many stories to tell about the lack of amino acid levels the human population suffers today, but how do we know which stories are true and which are hype.

Recently I sat down with the CEO of one of the worlds leading supplement manufacturers and discussed the pros and cons of amino acid supplementation for menopause and I got some insightful answers about how it works and the way his company is going about bringing the so called magic to the menopause sufferers of the world.

Mark Donnison is CEO of LifeBioLabs, an Australian company who manufactures one of the worlds most revolutionary new menopause supplements, called Elixcell.  Mark, can you break down the hype and tell us really why amino acids and Elixcell are good for menopause?

Thanks Richard for the opportunity to speak here.  To put it simply, amino acids are molecules that combine to make proteins, the building blocks of the body. Many amino acids are found in the food we eat. They play a vital role in functions such as digestion, anti ageing, cellular repair and recovery, hormone regulation and many other important bodily functions and processes. Whilst it is essential that we eat a healthy, balanced diet to supply our bodies with the amino acids that it needs, there are many amino acids that have been clinically proven to relieve the symptoms of menopause, but unfortunately during the menopause cycle these critical amino acid levels I the body can get depleted, leading to all those nasty symptoms.

Well if it’s that simple why doesn’t the medical world just tell all their patients about amino acids?

Oh don’t get me started…. Why indeed? Maybe I am being harsh on the medical fraternity (with all due respect to your profession) but they do like to push HRT therapy and anything they can write a prescription for. The sceptic in me says its because they cant write a script for supplements like ours and so there’s no kick backs in it for them. I am not sure the real answer but all I know is that most of them know that amino acids are important to the hormonal balance, but very few of them tell their patients about it. From that I’ll let you work out the answer.  

Now you just mentioned HRT therapy? It’s a proven method for menopause so what are your thoughts on that treatment regime compared to yours? 

Yes Richard its true that Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) can resolve some of these symptoms, but we have seen an increasing number of menopausal women avoiding HRT over the last few years due to the associated increase in the risk of breast cancer and other unwanted side effects. A recent study at the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) in London found that the use of HRT increased the risk of breast cancer in women by 2.7 times. I believe women are looking for a natural safer therapy, but they still need a solution that works and amino acids tick all the boxes.

So tell us about this process. Couldn’t people just go and buy amino acids from a pharmacy and take them?

Well they could but that would be foolhardy. Amino acids have to be taken in the right balance. It’s not about loading up on just one or two, but rather you have to get all of them in the right ratio. Take Arginine and Lysine for example. They need to be in the body in a 2:1 ratio otherwise you are wasting your time taking either of them. And the same goes for all the amino acids that we use. It’s about getting the right balance and there has been 2 years of research behind Elixcell to get that exactly right. So now it’s as simple as taking 1 ml of the Elixcell liquid once a day. That’s all there is to it. Then let nature take its course and your body will rebalance to its optimum performance and the menopause symptoms will disappear with 2-3 weeks.

Well that makes sense. Now I believe your company has come up with a really different method of launching your product into the marketplace. Can you explain how you go about it and why?

Yes we are an online company and we understand people are looking for a low risk way to try, and we believe so much in the ability of our product to do what we say it will, we are offering the first months supply at a substantial discount of $50 off, which is a huge discount. We look at it like this; we could spend hundreds of thousands, and perhaps even millions of dollars on conventional advertising trying to convince people it works, or we can just give it to them on a super deal and let them try. Now if you’ve got a product that actually works then the second method is the best, because in the long run we’ll build a great brand. It’s all about whether you have the conviction to go ahead and make an offer like that. It’s a $79.95 product for only $29.95, so we put our money where our mouth is, so to speak.

That’s very impressive and certainly innovative. Can I reveal in this article how people can get the trial product, or are you holding it for just a select amount of people?

Richard I am more than happy to provide the opportunity for people to get the product at this price, but I must stress there are only 1000 units available at this discount.. There is a link they can go to that has full instructions on how to get it. The first bottle will last around 28 days, so it’s enough to give the customer a real result.  We obviously can’t sell at this rate forever, so it’ll be a limited time offer, and we want the right people to experience the relief.  Here is the link (for reference purposes the link given is included here by writer –

So if you are giving a huge discount on a full months supply of your product surely there are a few tricks attached. Can you tell us what the customers are getting themselves into?

There are no tricks at all. From my experience in online business I know for certain that people are wary of offers like this, but we take great care not to attach any conditions. One of the things most people hate is auto-shipping, where companies send you products every month and charge your credit card over and over. We go to great lengths to explain that we do not auto-ship and when it comes time to order the product again it’s completely up to the customer if they buy again or not. We send out a reminder email to let them know how to order but that’s all we do.

Mark, thanks so much for your time today and if people want to read more where can they go?

Our main web page is http://www.lifebiolabs/elixcelland this provides lots of valuable information. The important thing to remember is that you must take the right balance of amino acids for it to work. Elixcell has been scientifically formulated to give you the exact balance of each amino acid for optimum performance.

The interviewer is Dr. Richard Teague, a US based medical practitioner and advocate of alternative medicines and therapies. For more information about Dr Teague you can visit his blog at






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