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The age-old notion of born leaders is increasingly being overwritten with the reality of ordinary people choosing to step up in order to right wrongs, solve problems or just find a better way to do things. Such leaders are made by their own circumstances or wanting to help others, and their stories are where we can most see ourselves. Such are the stories that speakers at the newday summit will share at Adelaide Oval on July 4. 

This one-day summit was founded by Adelaide-born Paralympic gold medallist, humanitarian and motivational speaker, Katrina Webb, and has been embraced by the non-profit, government and corporate sector alike following the inaugural newday last year.

“Organisations are increasingly seeking to build staff engagement and provide the means to demonstrate leadership in a variety of ways”, says Webb.

“By all accounts, last year’s event changed many people’s perceptions of leading as part of examining how they want to show up in their lives.”

Newday is quickly establishing a tradition of transformative speakers with its 2018 line-up. There is Dr Tshering Lama who, as a poor mountain boy, figured out a way to help his country; Sashenka Worsman, who recognised her privilege early and set out to create opportunities for all young people; Shivani Gupta, who activates people’s passions to enable fulfilment in personal and business spheres; Dr Sally Rundle, who connects hearts, minds and spirit at work; Phill Nosworthy, who puts meaning at the heart of how teams and businesses are managed; Adam Thompson, former Chocolate Starfish front man who is now changing young lives through music; Dr Nigel Farrow who, in heartache, found a new purpose and career, Dr Fiona Kerr who teaches the important of human connection and using technology for good and Mickey O'Brien Aboriginal leader who will will challenge you to consider the importance of culture, storytelling, sharing and welcoming.

Each has a unique story to tell yet share one common theme, which is grit– the ability to persevere with meaningful long-term goals despite challenges. 

“Attendees will see passion and perseverance in action through the speakers’ incredible personal stories,” says Webb. “And they’ll leave with practical tools that they can implement every day to work and live the way they want to be remembered.”  

The 2018 newday summit is being held on Wednesday July 4 at the Adelaide Oval. Registration is open via newday.world until June 27, 2018.


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Newday is an unmissable one-day summit to be held on Wednesday 4th July 2018 at Adelaide Oval offering international perspectives on leading the greater good. 
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