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28th May, 2018’ Monday, Melbourne - Melbourne’s leading pest control giant, Marks Pest Control is pleased to introduce a highly effective way to get rid of bed bugs in an automated way.  This innovative solution is instrumental in bringing more hygiene in both commercial as well as residential sector. They have named the innovation as ‘Aerosol Pest Control’. Since, the company had been doing a noteworthy job since its inception; it has been receiving a lot of enquiries recently regarding tips and techniques to without any extra efforts. It is for this reason that the company came up with the solution. It is exclusively for Melbourne citizens. Moreover, the effective misting solution makes use of liquid carbon dioxide under high pressure to help you eliminate pests from your home. The company recently received award for its innovative spirit and unmatched quality.

How does it work: - The method works by dispensing off the solution using spray technology in the area which requires to be treated? This leaves tiny droplets with active pest control ingredients remain suspended in the air. The best part is the solution is 100% toxin free. It is totally safe for the environment as well as human skin. It does what it requires to do without causing any harm to anyone.  The solution is 100 % safe for food industries as well. This leads to great occupational safety .The automated system allows for pest control application even at odd hours without the presence of manual labor. The automatic spray system effectively takes care of pests.


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The company has been able to make considerable profits because of the effective use of this product. Moreover, it is the functionality and the design which has led to high sales. People are linking this product and making it a part of their home and office on a large scale.  This is our second innovation in the field.  Our second product which enabled digital scanning of pests especially rodents was also a huge success in Melbourne. The digital monitoring system allowed for more control and efficiency in pest control. We are digitizing the entire pest control industry. Thanks to our efficient staff and equally efficient products, we have been able to create a large client base.

The C.E.O of the company Mr. Mark says that “our main aim is to revolutionize the way pest control industry works. We not only carry out the task our self, but also help people do it on their own in an efficient way.”  Hence, the genuine aims of the company are clear here. It not only wants to generate profits but also make every home and office in Melbourne, pest free.  Further he adds “we are thinking of expanding our business to all other places in Australia so that people all over can avail our services. We might collaborate with other companies to do the same.” This expansion policy would be a great step in bringing the Marks Pest Control high end products to the global arena. This will help in eliminating pests from every corner. The company has been receiving positive feedbacks and appreciation from customers. It is for this reason that the company website is full of great reviews and ratings. This has helped the company in coming to the top league. This is what one of the customers, Miss Simran Kaushik had to say “it’s been just a month since I have been using their solution spray and the results are simply great. They need to invest more of such solutions”.  The company is full of talented individuals who don’t just have skills but also brain to make the pest control industry even easier.

The company was founded by Mr. Mark in the year 2015 and has been growing since then, without looking back.  We have received many awards and accreditations, owing to our commendable services. Although our core business is pest control services, we have dwelled into launching our own solution sprays too and will continue to launch new range of products.

Company Name: - Marks Pest Control Melbourne

Contact Person: - Gagan Charaya

Email Id: - [email protected]

Phone Number: - 1300 335 753

Address:- Melbourne 3000, VIC

Country:- Australia







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