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26th May’2018 - Marks Duct Cleaning is a leading duct cleaning Company in Melbourne. With cleanliness and improving the appearance of every living or working space being their prime motive, the company is doing exceptionally well since its inception. While the expert staff consisting of trained cleaners is fully dedicated to providing the best services, it is the flexibility it offers in terms of availability which makes Marks Duct Cleaning Melbourne the best in the field. Our regular offers are not only lucrative enough but also very cost effective, keeping in mind the quality they offer. Those people who have availed their services once keep doing so every month not just because of the hospitable nature of the staff but also because of exceptional results they deliver. Since it is quite normal for your ducts to become dirty during winters, the company recently announced a very special offer of flat 15% off for senior citizens throughout this winter. This announcement is valid for Our Melbourne branch. Since germs buildup in your ducts can easily make you sick, it is necessary for you to avail their services, especially when such a lucrative offer is going on.  The company made this announcement, keeping in mind the extremely cold weather in which use of heating ducts is a common phenomenon.  We care for your well-being; hence have introduced this offer.


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Since We never compromise upon the quality, the sales of the company have increased considerably since the 15 % discount announcement. Senior citizens are especially grateful, thanking them every now and then for such great services at so less a price. Moreover, We are receiving calls from every corner of Melbourne with billions of people enquiring about their offers and services. The positive response of the people is evident from good feedbacks; the company has been receiving lately.The credit, no doubt goes to their expert staff without whom this would not have been possible. Our Cleaning staff is not only highly efficient but also takes pride in delivering the best services and that too on time. We reach you as soon as you confirm your order without any delay. The best part is that they come well prepared with a kit in their hand to carry out the duct cleaning procedure with ease. Moreover, they also make sure that your ducts release a nice fresh smell once you switch them on. Since We have come up with 15 % discount scheme on their already competitive priced cleaning services, lots of people are trying their services repeatedly. Many have even taken a plan with regular monthly duct cleaning services and duct repair as well.

The chief executive officer of the company, Mr. Mark says that “for us our customers are our top priority. It is the older generation especially which requires more care and love. Hence, we have come up with this amazing scheme”.  This shows the genuine intentions of the company. They run with the feeling of good will towards different age groups. Further he adds “we will come up with even a better plan than this in future. We will let you breathe a fresher air which is dirt, dust and allergen free.” This reflects the good intentions of the company which aims at improving the air quality.This is what one of the senior citizens, Mr. Naveen Samson Joseph had to say“I had been suffering from air borne diseases, but after receiving Marks duct cleaning services, I could instantly feel an improvement in my condition, owing to the quality of air which I could feel was much fresher than before.” The CEO claimed that “it is the love and positive feedback which we receive in return, which keeps us motivated”.

Marks Duct Cleaning was founded way back in 2010 and since then has been constantly evolving. Today, the company has a wide reach with thousands of happy customers. It is the advanced equipment, combined with expert knowledge and skill of the staff along with eco-friendly chemicals which has brought the company into high ranks.  The company has won many awards and certificates and plans to expand its services in the whole of Australia in the near future. While the core business of the company is duct cleaning for both residential and commercial spaces, it is planning to indulge into other cleaning related services as well.


Company Name - Marks Duct Cleaning

Contact Person - Mark

Email Id:- [email protected]

Phone Number:-  0410 453 896

Address:- Melbourne , VIC, 3000



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