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Melbourne, Australia, Wednesday 16 May 2018 – New Dawn Fund opened their doors on Friday, April 12, 2018 to become the world’s first and only cryptocurrency fund open to retail investors.


New Dawn is agile and responsive, with 24-hour-a-day live trading capabilities and uses sophisticated automation tools. Together with the strategic positioning of key personnel in global markets, investors will gain access to exclusive cryptocurrency opportunities.


The recent rise in the number of global cryptocurrency hedge funds has been meteoric. Globally, the total number of registered cryptocurrency hedge funds at the beginning of 2017 was 37 and by the beginning of 2018, they numbered 226. This extraordinary growth was fueled by the surge in cryptocurrency prices which provided outsized returns for investment entities that normally would not see double- and triple-digit returns.


The recent volatility in cryptocurrency prices left trading-focused funds struggling to make acceptable returns. Despite such volatility, investor appetite for the crypto market continues to remain robust. Two of the largest challenges facing cryptocurrency investors is ease of access with hedge funds normally catering to wholesale and institutional investors, and portfolio management.


The innovative structure of the New Dawn Fund (NDF) solves two of the biggest problems plaguing cryptocurrency investors today:


·                inclusion into the numerous return-generating avenues in the crypto field, and

·                sophisticated management of market risk, using tools normally available only to institution-focused hedge funds.


"This highly innovative investment product has been made possible by our talented team along with their deep understanding of the cryptocurrency and blockchain space", says Rob Dey, Director of the fund.


Although based in Australia, New Dawn employs a global team of top quants, analysts, and technology partners dedicated to creating tools that manage the market risks specifically inherent to the crypto field. One of its key technology partners is Haasonline, a pioneer in the algorithmic crypto trading landscape, and builder of the world’s premier algorithmic trading platforms for cryptocurrencies.


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New Dawn Fund has opened their doors to become the world’s first and only cryptocurrency fund open to retail investors.




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