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Advertising is a not do without for any firm with a product or service; it increases consumers’ knowledge about products and services, it helps consumers to save time in purchasing, it helps support the salesmen in their job, it increases sales volume and ultimately increases market share.

Advertising can either be categorized as organic or paid. While both organic and paid advertising has their roles to play, paid advertising has been found to be more powerful. A research done by Google revealed that nixing the paid ads would result in 89% drop in clicks. Google’s lead researcher, David Chan, explained further, the sequel to questions they received, that “the 89% number makes more sense now that new results from another research shows that paid ads appear without an accompanying organic search result on the first page 81% of the time, on the average. This marked difference is observed in paid and organic ads across all modes of advertising. The paid ad gives you control. You are able to choose what information gets out to the public, who can see it and when. It allows a company to be more targeted hence getting faster results. On this note, strategic companies and investors need to take paid advertising companies more seriously. This way, they can be effectively strategic in increasing their market share.

Year in, year out, giant companies compete intensively for market share hence spending billions on advertising as they are aware of not just direct competitors but also indirect ones who are competing for the same purchasing power of the consumers. Then, the most important thing now becomes which paid ad company to choose. Stankevicius MGM is a top-level advertising company with top-level firms on their advertising list. Stankevicius MGM provides the best advertising services and has brought amazing results to their clients over the years. Get in touch today with Stankevicius MGM.

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