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Sydney, May 3, 2018:  With their expertise in Blockchain development and music technology, the Zimrii Music platform enables independent musicians, managers and live music venue owners to manage their respective music business more efficiently and achieve greater levels of success.  

The Beta release, which enables innovative independent musicians to realise more value from the music they create, features a range of exciting tools allowing musicians to manage their music career from global evidence of their copyright through to crowdfunding for tours and music production.

The platform also allows artists managers to successfully manage their artists and venue owners to discover exciting new acts for their venues.

The Beta version includes the use of smart contracts to automate music sale receipts, the use of tokens to rewards fans and generate increasing loyalty, copyright evidence via the Blockchain and the use of analytics.
"We are incredibly excited to be releasing the Beta version of the platform as it marks a successful milestone in our vision to empower musicians and artists to achieve global commercial success through the use of Blockchain technology" said Mo Jalloh, CEO of Zimrii Music. "The music platform is the first product in our roadmap to create more of a level playing field for global independent musicians in the music business and assist them, especially talented Australian artists to succeed" 
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Zimrii Music is an innovative music platform, built using the emerging technology of Blockchain to drive greater success for independent musicians and provide the mechanism for fans to see them live and support their artists in innovative ways. Zimrii Music was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Learn more at 

Mo Jalloh, Co-Founder
M: +61 415 472 473


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