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There is no denying the fact that chess is a game for the geniuses. I am sure some of you are simply fascinated by the endless possibilities of chess. On the other hand, some others may find this game to be intimidating. Many of you may not be aware of the fact that Garry Kasparov, one of the greatest chess players ever, had once compared chess with “mental torture.” Here are some fun facts about chess that may make this beautiful game less intimidating for you.

  • The quickest possible checkmate in the game of chess is known as a Fool’s mate. However, this two-move checkmate never happens in an actual game unless one of the players is extremely weak.
  • The Turk was the first ever chess playing machine that was created by a Hungarian inventor named Wolfgang Von Kempelen. This machine was not only able to move the chess pieces, but was also capable of imitating different facial expressions during the game.  
  • We all know that Queen is the strongest piece in the game of chess. However, it has undergone several changes over the years. In the initial phases, its movement was limited to just one square diagonally. Originally, it was the counsellor or prime minister to the knight. Later on, it became the strongest piece when the Europeans gave it the status of the Queen.
  • Did you know that there are four hundred different possible positions in a game of chess after one move each by both the players?  Don’t be surprised as yet because after three moves from each player, the number of different positions possible becomes more than nine million. 
  • Talking about moves, including the sub variations, there can be as many as one thousand different opening moves for every game.
  • The first ever folding chess board was invented in 1125 by a priest. His smart idea originated from the fact that the Church prohibited the priests from playing chess. Therefore, the inventor came up with a board that looked like two books kept together.
  • Chess boxing is recent development in the world of chess that involves a boxing round on a chess board for a pre-defined time.
  • Since the origination of chess in ancient India, the game has gone through several changes. The move that allowed the pawns to advance just two squares was introduced in 1280 by the Spaniards.

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Chess School SA is providing chess services in Adelaide Metro and in South Australian Country schools. To Country Schools we offer Chess Incursions or one day Workshops. Classes in Adelaide Metro are conducted on a weekly basis during school hours, lunch times or after school. In 2009 we were teaching chess in many Adelaide schools and we ran numerous Chess Incursions in South Australian Country School. Teachers and Parents were thrilled, especially in Country Schools. One Teacher noticed how some kids couldn’t get along well in School Yard yet they peacefully played chess against each other during The Chess Workshop. Another Teacher noticed how chess is a great game for non sporty students to shine. The format of our chess club in Adelaide Metro schools usually involves a 15 minute talk or demonstration at the start of each lesson. This will focus on a particular theme, tactic, strategy or idea. Children are then encouraged to play monitored games in a tournament setting as well as to play social chess variants like Transfer chess. Children are thrilled to take part in Interschool Chess competitions, when they compete against other schools. This also builds Team Spirit. Prizes and certificates are awarded during the year to stimulate further interest and friendly rivalry. We teach with a friendly positive manner making learning chess easy and great fun. If you would like a chess club started at your school please contact us for more information or visit our website: If you would like to run chess in your school or organization by yourself you are welcome to use our Free Resources and if you need chess playing equipment you can visit our online Chess Shop.

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