Saturday, October 10th, 2015

PERTH music producer Echelon is launching his latest album at the Astor Lounge on October 15.

Redemption and Glory is the result of four years’ work and best described as an electronic album with blended styles of industrial rock featuring techno, break beat and dub step. It then moves into the electro genre with US-style hip hop and down-tempo synth-pop.

Los Angeles rapper Crisis Mr Swagger, who has shared the stage with NWA, Akon and Sean Paul and is now based in Perth, contributed the majority of the album’s rapping component.

Echelon also collaborated with Ryan Reynolds, lead singer of Detroit hardcore band All Hands Lost, and Ceelay and Miss Paula, well-known from network television and a staple  of Perth’s live music scene.

Popular local singers Danah Mitchell and Ben Bowden (a music teacher and big wave surfer) also feature on the album, mastered by Rob Grant, who has previously worked with Lenny Kravitz, Tame Impala, Pond, Jeff Martin, The Panics and Eskimo Joe.

Echelon, the studio alias of Dane Jolly, said that as a producer he simply creates the sound he hears in his mind – and whatever comes out is what he works on.

“The sound and style of Echelon is broad,” he said. “A range of songs will appeal to different people who love a variety of genres.

“These different genres have allowed me to utilise my full set of musical skills, from guitar and drum recording, through to complex synthesizer patches, vocal layering, sampling and, ultimately, mixing.”

The biggest challenge, Echelon said, is working and collaborating with other artists.

“It’s also the most rewarding,” he said. “I have managed to collaborate with some of the best local and international talent on Redemption and Glory and there is something extremely satisfying about finalising a vocal recording with a professional.

“The logistics are hard, using drop boxes and emails to record and sample musicians from the US, then making everything sit right in the mix.

“Balancing the sounds created in different studios with different equipment can be difficult.”

Classically trained from his early childhood years on piano, flute and saxophone, Echelon has played the guitar for more than 20 years and also plays bass and drums.

During his teenage years he started playing in more than a dozen bands and has released various LPs and albums with some of them over the years.

In 2012, Echelon released his official debut solo album Parallels of Paradigm and has since recorded different bands and singers in his studio, along with creating music for film and dance.

“I have always created music for the people who love it,” he said. “If I can impact an audience with what I do, I will have achieved my goal, whether that be 1000 people or 1 million.”

Echelon is launching the album Redemption and Glory, along with his latest music video Part of Me, at 7.30pm at the Astor Lounge, Mount Lawley. Entry is free and no bookings are required.

The evening features a full live performance from Crisis Mr Swagger, Danah Mitchell and Ben Bowden and is hosted by Andre and Kat Pagano from My Kitchen Rules.

Redemption and Glory is available for pre-release order on iTunes from September 24, with hard copies available through the Echelon fan page at from October 15.

To sample some of Echelon’s music, go to

The Astor Lounge is located upstairs at the Astor Theatre, 659 Beaufort Street, near the corner of Walcott Street, Mount Lawley.



echelon1-2: Echelon is launching his latest album, Redemption and Glory, at the Astor Lounge on October 15.

echelon-crisis: Music producer Echelon, right, collaborated with rapper Crisis Mr Swagger, left, on several tracks for his new album Redemption and Glory.

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Echelon is the solo studio work of Western Australian producer Dane Jolly. Dane was classically trained from early childhood, moving into studio production in 2008. With the release of his debut solo album in 2012, "Parallels Of Paradigm" he crossed through several genres. His latest album "Redemption And Glory" is available, October 2015. The new album sees Echelon collaborate with international artists as well as amazing local talent. Providing the rap sound for the album is LA rapper Crisis Mr Swagger who has shared the stage with NWA, Akon and Sean Paul. Ryan Reynolds from Detroit metalcore band "All Hands Lost" also lends his vocals to this album.

Dane Jolly
P: 0408 098 232


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