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The face of remote visual inspection has been revolutionised with the arrival of the Crystal Cam range of point-tilt-zoom inspection cameras.

These versatile cameras have already proved their worth internationally across many different applications including mining, power generation, nuclear plants, subsea operations, confined space inspections, security, pipeline testing, underwater and wet weather surveillance and remote imaging in hazardous areas with all the latest models now available in Australia from leading technical equipment supplier, Nexxis.

The range includes the Crystal Cam Amber, the Crystal Cam Onyx, the Crystal Cam Sapphire and the newest model, the Crystal Cam Diamond.   The standard off-the-shelf versions can accommodate virtually any application and each one can be modified easily to meet specific system requirements.  

Crystal Cam AmberCrystal Cam OnyxCrystal Cam SapphireCrystal Cam Diamond

In line with Nexxis’ commitment to deliver flexible and needs-driven solutions, these products can all be customised to deliver full turnkey inspection packages which include digital video recording and variable cabling lengths.  All the products all have a wide input voltage range for seamless and simple integration with other devices and equipment.

What makes them special is their combination of lightweight yet durable epoxy construction, compact sizing, advanced video and LED technology, embedded micro-controller and feature-rich operation.  They also work equally effectively in air or underwater, with depth ratings up to 500m.  

Another key advantage is their flexibility which makes them a compelling and cost-effective choice for any operation that has a need for remote visual inspection. 

For example, the Agnico Eagle underground gold mine in Quebec, Canada chose the Crystal Cam because its durable design enabled it to be used in vertical, horizontal and diagonal exploration drilling - and also because it was competitively priced.  Five years of weekly use later, the equipment is still performing optimally, proving its worth financially as well as operationally.

To find out more about how your operation can benefit from the groundbreaking technology and performance of the Crystal Cam range of inspection cameras, contact Nexxis on 08 9418 4952. You can also visit nexxis.com.au for full details on the cameras’ specifications, applications, benefits and financing options.



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The face of remote visual inspection has been revolutionised with the arrival of the Crystal Cam range of point-tilt-zoom inspection cameras.




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