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The National Institute of Complementary Medicine (NICM) at the University of Western Sydney is conducting a clinical trial to assess the effectiveness of Sailuotong (SLT) for people with Mild cognitive impairment (MCI).

This clinical trial has been approved by the relevant Australian health authorities and hospital ethics committees.

The study drug SLT is an herbal medicine formula consisting of Panax ginseng, Ginkgo biloba, and Crocus sativus, and is designed to enhance cognitive and cardiovascular function.

MCI is a slight but noticeable decline in mental abilities, such as memory and thinking.

The study is being led by Dr Genevieve Steiner, an NHMRC-ARC Dementia Research Development Fellow in the Healthy Minds research team at NICM. 

Dr Steiner said it is estimated that one in three Australians over the age of 70 have MCI which is related to Alzheimer's disease, the most common type of dementia.

“People with MCI have a higher risk of getting dementia,” said Dr Steiner.

There are currently no effective evidence-based treatments for MCI.

This 12-week randomized placebo controlled clinical trial is open to people over 60 years old who have problems with memory, or a diagnosis of MCI.

Participants will need to take two tablets morning and night and attend 6 clinic check-up visits.

All participants will receive 12-weeks free supply of the study drug at the end of the trial and be reimbursed up to $180 for travel expenses.

“Contributing to clinical trial health research into MCI, Alzheimer’s and dementia potentially benefits participants, their friends and family, the broader community as well as the next generations,” said Dr Steiner.

You might be eligible if you:

  • Have noticed a decline in your memory and/or other mental abilities
  • Do not have a diagnosis of dementia
  • Are right-handed
  • Do not have other serious ongoing health problems


How to find out if you might be eligible:

  1. Answer the online questionnaire
  2. Have a short discussion with one of our clinic nurses over the phone
  3. Meet with our medical team at the clinic to discuss your eligibility further


Please note this study is free of any charges and includes sophisticated and often expensive medical check-ups and monitoring by leading professionals including:

  • Physiological assessments
  • Mental ability assessments
  • An MRI scan.
  • Feedback about your mental condition at the end of the study, and information on what you can do to reduce your risk of future cognitive decline including further clinical trial opportunities if applicable

Please check to see if you are eligible here


About NICM

Hosted by Western Sydney University, NICM provides leadership and support for strategically directed research into complementary medicine and helps translate evidence into clinical practice and relevant policy to benefit the health of all Australians.

NICM was originally established with bi-partisan support from the Federal and NSW Governments in 2007.




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