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Owners of and Holden Colorado 4WD Dual-cab utes will be thrilled to learn that Lightforce has added a new replacement switch fascia to their range to fit the latest 2017/2018 Holden Colorado.

Car manufacturers have recently started to omit or drastically reduce the number of switch blanks in their designs, causing grief amongst 4X4 enthusiasts who wish to accessorise their vehicle. Switches required to drive accessories such as Lightforce spotlights, a winch, the Redarc TowPro®, a fridge, UHF radio and other 4WD accessories need to be placed somewhere on the dashboard of the vehicle.  

After monitoring aftermarket enthusiasts’ online forums and consulting with our resellers and customers, Lightforce has designed switch fascias that can integrate seamlessly into a vehicle’s dashboard to solve the problem.

“The Switch Fascia for the Ford Ranger has been hugely successful for our customers because they solve all the issues identified in during consultations. Both fascias are easy to install and ensure the addition of multiple switches to the dash retaining the OEM look,” said Tarnia Conti, Chief Operating Officer of Lightforce.

The new Lightforce Switch Fascia for 2017 Holden Colorado is designed to allow fitment of up to ten accessory switches, while enhancing the factory appearance of your 2017/2018 Holden Colorado across the various models – from the 2x4 LS, LT, LTZ and Storm versions to the Z71.

The Lightforce Switch Fascia for 2017 Holden Colorado features a silver metallic finish that complements the factory dashboard, with no modifications required to the surrounding console.
For Z71 model owners, there’s more good news! There are locations in the fascia to maintain the seat heating function. During installation, simply refit the original factory switches into the 
Lightforce Switch Fascia panel.

The Lightforce Switch Fascia for 2017 Holden Colorado panel is supplied with one single switch and two switch blanks. For models without seat heating switches, the two lower locations will require the inclusions of switch adaptors for additional switches, which can also be used as blanks (both sold separately). 

The first Lightforce designed switch fascia was released to huge demand in 2016 and is dedicated to the Ford Ranger PX2 and Everest models from 2015 onwards. “The designs are patented by Lightforce and are a testament to our ability to design, engineer and manufacture high-performance products and solutions to meet the needs of our customers,” 
said Tarnia Conti.

The Lightforce Switch Fascia range is part of the suite of innovative products offered by Lightforce today, including Driving Lights and LED Bars, auxiliary lights, wiring harnesses, switches and mounting accessories. Because the Switch Fascia for 2017 Holden Colorado is a genuine Lightforce product, the thinking has been done for you. The fitment of the product is straightforward and the fascia is covered by a three-year Lightforce warranty.

For more information, please contact Mark Gamtcheff, Lightforce Marketing Manager 
on (08) 8440 0888 or [email protected]

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Designed in Australia, Lightforce products are tested in some of the harshest environments in the world including the USA, Australia, Sweden and Africa; places with extreme terrain and climate differences. 

The Lightforce head office is based in Adelaide, South Australia and employs over 70 trained staff. The business has evolved into a sophisticated combination of designers, engineers, quality systems, product management, warehousing, sales, customer service and manufacturing functions across two primary locations in Australia and the USA. 

Over 70% of the Lightforce range of driving and handheld lights continue to be manufactured in Australia, including the HTX, Genesis LED and Venom LED. In fact, we have actively on0shored the manufacture of LED lights in the past 18 months to deliver optimum product quality and performance. 

Lightforce has a formidable reputation as a global leader in innovative design and excellence in the manufacture of high performance and durable lighting systems. Ongoing development has opened up new markets and our award-winning range of modular accessories has helped increase demand to the point where we now export to over 50 countries worldwide. 

With more than 35 years’ experience, Lightforce is now a global leader in portable professional lighting systems as well as driving lights, rifle-scope optics and lighting accessories. 

Lightforce has always been and will continue to be a pioneering force in the industry. 

Lightforce have a team of engineers and R&D managers both in Australia and the USA working with technologies and products to serve the needs of our customers. This not only gives Lightforce a clear competitive advantage but has also earned many prestigious Australian and international design awards. 
Lightforce continues to see growth in customer loyalty and confidence right around the world.

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W: lightforce.com


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