Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

This new tool is already available on the company's website and offers more than 6,000 different combinations


Design your perfect swimsuit with Surania


Surania, the fashion company specialized in swimwear for men and women, has launched a new online simulator which enables its customers to create and customize on their own their swimsuits, and buy them as soon as they have chosen the design they want. More than 6,000 different combinations can be made with the new tool, which provides a large range of options to easily design and customize the swimsuits. The powerful simulator is already available on the company's website.


“We know that choosing a swimsuit can be complicated for any women. Bikini, tankini, or monokini? Triangle, Bandeau, Halter or Underwire? Shorty, Brazilian or Adjustable bottom? Even men have the same problem, they can choose between boxers, shorts and slips. That is why we have created Surania, to allow people to create their dream swimsuit”, says Marc Vidal, co-founder of the company. It is true that a swimsuit has to match the personality of the person wearing it while also being comfortable. 


Design the bikini you want in only 4 steps


It is really easy to design the swimsuit you want using the simulator as the only thing you have to do is to follow the steps on your screen. First, you have to select the piece you want to design, and then choose the stamps and fabrics you like the most. One of the most interesting options enabled by the simulator is the size customization: indeed, you can enter the exact size you want, which will guarantee you to have a swimsuit that fits you perfectly. Thus, Surania is able to provide an adjusted swimsuit to everyone regardless of the body shape. Once the design is ready and the payment is made, Surania takes care of the shipping to the address indicated previously within approximately 15 days. 


Swimwear experts


Surania makes available for its customers a large range of shapes, fabrics and colors they can choose and still follow the trend of the moment. Created in 2012 and based in Barcelona by Mariona and Marc Vidal, Surania is the result of years of experience in fashion, swimwear and textile sectors. The swimsuit tailor allows people to wear swimsuits they have created themselves. More than 6,000 swimwear combinations are available on the online store. Now Surania provides customized swimwear not only in Europe but also in North and South America, South Africa, Oceania and soon in a lot of countries more.


For more information about Surania’s concept, please visit http://www.surania.com/en-au/surania-corporate/about-us

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Surania is a swimwear brand which provides 100% personalizable swimsuits to its customers.

Created in 2012 and based in Barcelona, Surania enables people enjoying unique swimsuits they created themselves.

More than 6,000 swimwear combinations are available on Surania and all of them are made with the best quality fabrics.

Surania provides swimwear to everyone: women, men, kids. Moreover, Surania makes tailored fit swimwear to everyone.

Thanks to Surania's, choosing a swimsuit has never been so easy.


W: www.surania.com/en-au


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