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Press release for Consolidated Land and Rail Australia Pty Ltd (CLARA)


Subject; CLARA successfully selected for business case development with the

Federal Government, under Faster Rail Prospectus

09/03/18 - 10am


CLARA is very pleased to have been selected for business case development with the Federal Government announced today by the Hon Michael McCormack MP, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, and the Hon Paul Fletcher MP, Minister for Urban Infrastructure and Cities.


CLARA is excited to progress the business case which will be prepared by the CLARA Consortium which includes the following companies; Arcadis, Cardno, Clarke Hopkins Clarke, CISCO, CSIRO, DLA Piper, Hitachi, McCrindle, New Best Friend, Power Ledger, PwC, Roberts Day, Slattery, Silversun Pictures, The Space Agency, V2i.


‘The CLARA project uniquely combines high speed rail and brand new urban centres in a fresh look at providing affordable, connected and liveable cities. We are excited to be part of the CLARA team and look forward to developing plans for the prosperous future of Australia.’ - Martin Wells Cardno General Manager Asia Pacific South

The selected corridor for the business case is Melbourne to Greater Shepparton. This CLARA Stage includes two new SMART, sustainable, greenfield cities being built on sites within the Greater Shepparton Region and within the Strathbogie Shire. The two new SMART cities will be connected by world class high speed rail (HSR) enabling the new and existing communities to be within 35 minutes and 25 minutes respectively to the CBD of Melbourne.


It is a wonderful opportunity for CLARA to prepare, in conjunction with the Federal Government, and present to the wider community our business case to help rebalance the Australian settlement.


CLARA CEO Nick Cleary commented ‘We have been working hard for two years to get to this exciting point. To demonstrate the CLARA plan and private funding model, and in the process help solve some of the major issues impacting our nation is a great step forward’.


CLARA has engaged with local shires along the designated corridor and have received written support from Greater Shepparton City Council and Strathbogie Shire Council for the CLARA plan. New SMART, sustainable, greenfield cities will provide greater opportunities for jobs for the existing community and the future residents of the new CLARA Cities. Further benefits of advanced healthcare, high tech education, renewable energy, recycled water and a High Speed Rail will ensure the world’s most livable cities can be delivered.


In the Infrastructure Australia Future Cities report released in February, highlighted that the time of ‘doing nothing’ had passed for our nation. Melbourne will see a population rise of 2.8m people, according to the IA future cities report, between now and 2046 - a 63% increase on today’s population.


‘CLARA understands the significant growth in the Australian population and the pressures this growth places on our existing cities, we are looking forward to being a part of the solution.’ Cleary said


Mark McCrindle “We have added 390,000 people to our population in the last 12 months, which is like adding three cities the size of Darwin to our population each year. Australia’s record-breaking population growth can’t realistically be stopped but it does need to be better planned and managed. Australia needs 21st Century nation building projects like high speed rail and the associated development of new cities if we are to both respond to the population growth we are experiencing and at the same time enhance the economy and the world-beating lifestyle that we enjoy”.


Mr Cleary said ‘CLARA is looking forward to an active dialogue with the Victorian Government as the business case progresses. It’s an exciting time for CLARA, for the regions we are working with, and for Australia’.


Back ground;

On September 20, 2017 the Federal Government released its Faster Rail Initiative Prospectus. The Federal Government is seeking submissions for the co funding of up to three business cases for faster rail initiatives around the country.


The Government announced $20m would be allocated to the initiative with the policy objectives outlined in the budget summary, being to;

  1. Ease the pressure off Capital cities

  2. Boost regional economies, and to

  3. Open up land for more housing page 6


Nick Cleary - CEO CLARA


Enquiries; [email protected] or 03 8560 6010

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CLARA is an Australian Private Group formed to deliver a program to change Australia. We sek to undertake a rebalancing of our settlement and deliver new ways of imagining, planning and building cities, transport and infrastructure.

P: 03 8560 6010


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