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Our alien neighbours are ready and willing to help Earth to learn to live in peace and to access universal knowledge, an Australian New-Age author claims.
Written by Victoria Cochrane, Theta Healing® practitioner, Reiki Master and psychic channel, the book claims to channel Masters of Light and members of the Inter-Planetary Galactic council who reveal previously unknown insights into life on other planets in far-off galaxies.
‘The Alignment of the Universe: Messages from Other Worlds’, Cochrane’s third book, is divided into three parts.
In the first part, ‘Unveiling Secrets of the Universe,’ the Masters explain such concepts as how the Universe was created, the real purpose behind the birth of Jesus Chris, the truth behind Earth’s encounters with aliens and the illusions of living in duality on the Earthly Plane.
The second part, ‘The Inter-Planetary Galactic Council’ outlines life on four planets and the star system, Pleiades. Part Three, ‘The Keys to Oneness’, teaches how all humans can raise their vibrations out of the energy of war, hatred and separatism to that of oneness, peace and harmony.
“It would be the height of arrogance for humans to think that Earth is the only planet to contain life,” Cochrane states. “There have been many reported alien encounters and many more that remain undiscussed. Most of the publicity around aliens has been extremely negative and fear-based, and much of the information the public has been told has been falsified or even hidden.”
Cochrane is under no illusion as to the scepticism she is likely to face with the release of this book, but she is adamant that many people will welcome it or even be relieved by it.
 “I am by no means the only person on the planet to be receiving this information or to be in touch with alien beings. I am also encountering more and more clients who have lived previous lives on other planets, particularly Sirius, Arcturus and The Pleiades. These people have felt isolated and overwhelmed by the chaos and ego of humans on Earth, finding it difficult to fit in for all of their lives. My next book will be a collaboration with some of these people who wish to tell their stories. It was a relief to them that they weren’t going mad or just imagining things.”
Cochrane, who also works as an Early Childhood classroom teacher, is not concerned about criticism. “Whether people believe what I have channelled or not is not my concern. I have been shown most of what is discussed in the book, and the experiences I have had are more than enough for me to know that the content of the book is true. However, it is not my job to make people believe. I have made the information available. What people choose to do with it is up to them. I do hope, though, that it opens up discussion and that people may become more open to the possibilities described in the book
The Alignment of the Universe: Messages from Other Worlds is published by Ingram Spark in soft cover and e-book form. Prices vary, but rrp is $3.99 e-book and $14.99 print version.



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Victoria Cochrane Spiritual Healer

~~My name is Victoria Cochrane and I am a teacher, Advanced Theta (R) Healer, Reiki Master, psychic channel and author living on the NW Coast in Tassie. My journey began only 8 years ago when I had been smelling cigarette smoke around me for several years and finally made contact with my maternal grandfather who taught me to channel. I then did a spiritual development course and met my guide, Archangel Michael. The rest is history! I began channelling messages from the masters and was encouraged to put them into books. I channel messages a couple of times a week and publish them on a blog (, and I have been putting out my own spiritual newsletter for about five years (
My books are channelled from the Masters of Light and are designed for people beginning on their spiritual journey working towards Ascension. My third book has been channelled from the Masters of Light in collaboration with the Inter-Planetary Galactic Federation to inform humans about life on other planets. The purpose is to allow us to access universal wisdom and superior alien knowledge to assist all humans to achieve oneness. I am passionate in this quest. I am always available to talk to people on their path and to assist where needed.
The only way we can save the Earth is to love ourselves and to work on our 'stuff'. By that I mean releasing past trauma and hurts (baggage), working on our negative and limiting belief systemsand learning to live and love in the unconditional love of the Creator. Namaste, Victoria

Victoria Cochrane
P: 61 03 64434290
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