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Women’s Legal Service (SA), the peak legal body for women and children across South Australia, turns away more than 200 women a month due to lack of funding.  In the month of December 2017, 414 women sought assistance from Women’s Legal Service (SA). 

The Service is only able to assist about 12% of the more than 2500 women who seek assistance each year.  More than 62% of the women and children who contact the service are victims of domestic/family violence.  “Adequate funding of legal service is often an area that is overlooked when looking at preventing harm and providing protection for victims” said Zita Ngor, CEO of Women’s Legal Service.   

“Legal services are stretched beyond breaking point”, Zita Ngor said. “Every time we turn away a woman and child/ren we worry if they will be next.” “The number of women wanting help is increasing each month” Zita Ngor “It shows no evidence of stopping.”  “Drastic and immediate action is needed to stop this crisis!” Zita Ngor  “We need funding sustainability for the entire family violence sector” Zita Ngor “and in particular for the legal assistance sector who deal with obtaining protections for women and children when all else has failed”

Women’s Legal Service (SA) will need an investment of more than $400,000 per year to meet current demands with a five-year funding commitment, if we are going to stop women and children being turned away. 

For more information please contact Zita Ngor on (08) 8231 8929 or via email at [email protected] 

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Womens Legal Service SA

Women’s Legal Service (SA) was established in October 1995 and is a state-wide community based organisation run by a management committee, staff and volunteers.

Women’s Legal Service (SA) focuses on assisting women with legal information, advice, representation, referrals and education on a wide range of issues including domestic violence, family law, criminal injuries compensation, discrimination, employment, debts, and immigration.

The Women’s Legal Service (SA) Inc. is a non-profit organisation and operates by funding received from the Australian Attorney-General’s Department and donations.


Zita Ngor
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