Friday, September 18th, 2015

Sunday 20th September at 2 pm local time will see thousands of everyday Australians gather across the nation to celebrate marriage and children.

The events mark the end of Marriage Week Australia and will be happening in every state capital city.

Mr Terry Hall from Unity Australia (the organising body for these events) expects the largest crowds in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide with smaller numbers in Brisbane and Hobart.

Mr Hall stated “We want to give every day Australians an opportunity to express their voice in favour of retaining the current definition of marriage.”

Many organisations and individuals, including prominent politicians and community leaders, are supporting and speaking at these celebration events including:

  •        Rev Fred Nile MLC CDP NSW
  •        Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins MLC DLP Vic
  •        Ian Goodenough, MHR Liberal Member for Moore WA
  •        Vickie Janson Victorian State Director Australian Christians Vic
  •        David D’Lima, Family Voice Australia SA
  •        Ray Moran National Chairman Unity Australia WA

Mr Moran from Unity Australia stated: “Despite the suggestion of some counter protest at the WA, Victorian and NSW events, we expect these to be peaceful and joyful occasions celebrating the way marriage has provided the best environment for the nurturing and protection of children since time immemorial”

Each event will include the reading of the Uluru Bark petition as presented to Tony Abbott by 43 indigenous leaders.

Full details of the events including locations, speakers etc are available from the Unity Australia website and Facebook pages.

For more details contact Unity’s national chairman Ray Moran on 0438 553 424.



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Marriage Preservation Nationwide Rallies 20 September 2015




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