Friday, September 18th, 2015

1.6 million Australians 14+ (8.1%) say they clicked through online advertising in the last four weeks—a growth of almost 50% since 2011, the latest internet usage data from Roy Morgan Research shows.

In the year to June 2015, 1,248,000 clicked online ads via computer in an average four week period (up 25% compared with the year to June 2011), 378,000 clicked via mobile (more than six times as many as in 2011), and 265,000 via tablet (which had only recently landed in 2011).

Number of Australians clicking online ads by device in average four weeks

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, July 2010 – June 2011 n = 51,951 and July 2014 – June 2015 n = 51,371 Australians 14+

Add up the separate devices, and you’d get a total of almost 1.9 million ad-clickers. The surplus, of course, is the more than 300,000 clicking ads via multiple devices—almost a fifth of all online ad-clickers.

  • Over half of those who clicked through ads on mobile devices—their phones and/or tablets—also clicked on ads via computer.

  • Almost 30% of tablet and 20% of mobile phone ad-clickers also clicked ads on the other mobile device during the same period.

  • Of all those who clicked online ads via computer, around 1 in 20 also clicked through via both a mobile phone and tablet.

Overlap of Australians clicking through online ads by device

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, July 2014 – June 2015 n = 51,371 Australians 14+

Tim Martin, General Manager – Media, Roy Morgan Research, says:

It’s sure been an interesting couple of weeks for the future of digital marketing, with new ad-blocking plug-ins, apps and standalone browsers unveiled for Android and iOS users, rumours that Google had circumvented ad-blocking for YouTube videos played in Chrome, and Apple’s release of iOS 9, which reportedly now allows extensions that can block cookies, pop-ups and banner ads in the Safari browser.

“Around 1 in 12 Australians now click one or more online ads during an average four weeks—with around a fifth of them doing so across multiple devices. As the total reach of digital advertising increases, so too does the overlap across computers, mobile phones and tablets.  

“14-24 year-olds are currently much more likely than the average Australian to agree they often notice ads online, including when watching videos—however they are the least likely to say they’ve clicked through ads recently. YouTube, Facebook and other digital content providers and platforms aiming to boost advertising revenue need to broaden their reach among older demographics—those consumers who are ready to click (and shop) online.

“Digital advertisers will need to be on top of the situation, tracking changes in internet behaviour across demographics, confirming if their target markets are clicking (or blocking), and evaluating the true reach of advertising by counting properly the number of people who see the same ad across multiple devices.”   

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