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No Travel Safety Policy

The Department of Health and Human Services, Disability Accommodation Services, Victoria, has no firm safe-travel-policy, has never had one and refuses to have one to ensure the safe travel of the residents of its supported accommodation group homes throughout Victoria

These residents have been assessed as needing to live in group homes rather than independently in the community due to their high support needs resulting from their intellectual and multiple disabilities. 

Yet this government department refuses to accept that high support needs extend to resident travel in department mini buses with a need for a policy similar to many non government support service providers who direct their direct care staff with policy such as, “When two staff or more are travelling in the vehicle, at least one must be in the back with the residents, for safety and to enhance communications”.

Although the matter has been brought to the attention of Minister Foley, the department remains adamant, despite it is now a NDIS registered service. provider. 

Tony & Heather Tregale
Coordinators, LISA Inc.

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Lifestyle in Supported Accommodation (LISA) Inc


“The provision of quality of life care for all with an intellectual or multiple disability who live in supported accommodation, and that families need the support to be carers for as long as they wish to be, in the knowledge they have the right to a quality of life care accommodation and support package for their family member with a disability whenever they choose".


“To empower and support families with a member living in supported accommodation to better understand service provision procedures, care policies, standards and values, and thereby be better positioned to scrutinise service providers”.
Mr Tony Tregale
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Department of Human Services, Disability Services,, Victoria

This is a state government department providing direct and indirect support services for vulnerable people
Tony Tregale
P: 0394343810
M: 0409404550


Government Department Remains Adamant



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