Monday, September 21st, 2015

In every corner in every city there is a security camera. What good are they? After an incident, lengthy and costly investigations are often triggered. Information is collected from many sources, analysed and then ... then what?

What if you were able to prevent incidents?

Skydda is introducing to the Australian market the Swedish Mindmancer™ technology for protecting large outdoor objects in real-time.

The Mindmancer Intelligent Camera Surveillance Software reduces risk, costs and incidents and is successfully improving outcomes for businesses across Scandinavian construction sites using real-time monitoring to prevent theft and vandalism.

Per Nystrom, CEO at Skydda says: "We feel passionately about new technology advancements and the great value technology can bring to people. There are too many examples for me to mention from wireless alarm systems to body heat detection and the use of Smart Phone Apps for management of your buildings and assets. As an Alumni from Chalmers University of Technology in Goteborg, I closely follow research projects which can positively impact the Australian market.

"Mindmancer dominates the Scandinavian market, with their automation of video analytics technology helping businesses and government drive down cost and reduce incidents. It has been a truly awesome journey to watch. Skydda has chosen to launch the Mindmancer technology in Australia, a fantastic security innovation. We are confident this technology will bring great value to Australian construction sites who want to reduce costs and improve security with true real-time surveillance of their assets. Skydda is extremely proud to provide this innovation which will revolutionise the way you manage your assets. Using Mindmancer's technology, we can help reduce risk and incidents and in the process help our clients reduce their operational costs.”

Contact Skydda to become an Australian adopter of a leading and innovative European technology for asset protection.


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With Mindmancer™ technology, Skydda offers intelligent camera surveillance to provide you with a smarter security solution. The Mindmancer™ technology brings a proactive approach to security. By using intelligent camera surveillance we can PREVENT vandalism, intrusion, theft, fire and injuries.

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