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The beverage industry is not united in its opposition to AMA’s proposed actions on sugar.

Natural beverage company UTONIC® supports the Australian Medical Association’s (AMA) sugar proposals, including the sugar tax and shock advertising – with an added caveat.

UTONIC® supports any approach to address the serious health issues that result from added refined sugar in beverages, including the refined and added sugar tax.

It is UTONIC’s position that “sugars ain’t sugars” and we are united with the AMA’s position that there is a life or death difference between nutrient rich natural sugars and added refined sugars.

A serve of UTONIC® contains between 5.8 and 7.2 grams of natural sugar and 0g added and refined sugars, compared to up to 10.6 grams of added and refined sugars in the average serve of some soft drinks.    

UTONIC® dietitian, Dr Emily Walker says: “Demonising single foods and nutrients is not the answer. We did this with fat and we now know that some fats are crucial to our health and wellbeing. The same is true for sugar. The natural sugars from fruits and vegetables are varied and complex in their molecular structure, which means our body metabolises them differently.

“The foods in which these sugars are contained also deliver a multitude of other important nutrients for the body. Focus on consuming minimally processed foods and drinks that deliver good bang for their buck instead of those with added processed sugars and other ingredients that provide little or no nutritional benefit.”

We encourage other beverage manufacturers that care about the health of Australians to step out in support of AMA’s actions on sugar, and look forward to welcoming action on this issue by the Australian Government.



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UTONIC’s vision is to create and promote a healthier body and mind. Utonic produce a range of scientifically blended drinks made from concentrated real foods and target nutrients, to help transform the way you feel. Our drinks are 100% natural, and 100% Australian owned and made

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