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World first: highly effective & safe IPL hair removal for all hair colours and skin types including sensitive & tanned skin!
IPL has become the mainstay of depilatory satisfaction for most people. It’s less expensive and relatively fast compared to electrolysis, laser, waxing and shaving.
The second generation of pulsed light technology has been developed and the team at EFB (Eurofeedback) are enjoying enormous praise since their last innovative technology 4 years ago announcing the first IPL device to remove blonde, white, grey and red hair.

Fast forward to 2015: EFB introduces New RAFALE® IPL technology to the world.

Developed for its model ANTHELIA® NG Touch screen a new method of permanent hair removal called RAFALE®, that enables, through a special hand piece of one million flashes, to treat more quickly and painlessly sensitive skin and tanned skin all year round with long-term efficiency.

ANTHELIA® NG IPL Device: 7 Treatments in 1 - Long Life applicators with 1 million flashes

RAFALE® technology combines power, versatility and clinical efficacy to deliver the most advanced IPL treatments seen to date worldwide. EFB combines over 20 years of expertise in IPL technologies have been captured in one complete system, offering a highly cost-effective option to practitioners.

The new method of continuously pulsed light RAFALE® technology generates a smooth and continuous light with its energy source at a much higher pace. Ideal for long-lasting hair reduction on sensitive skin, the light is delivered on a zone with several moves to progressively increase the temperature of the hair follicles which then destroy them. As opposed to traditional IPL technology and lasers which typically warns us against UV exposure from up to four weeks before any treatment, the RAFALE® technology UV exposure is no longer a contraindication. Treatments can be performed 48 hours after UV exposure - a revolution on any scale!. A solution that provides a personalised treatment in all areas of the face and body, even ingrown hairs.

With its safe red filter, only the hair is reached during the flash time. The feeling on the skin surface is painless.
Clearance rate and accuracy in any treated area due to a large quartz of 7.5 cm² and a treatment speed of 3 flashes per second.
Pre-programmed treatments, patented device and CE certificate. A simple and ergonomic keyboard allows no margin of error, selecting the right treatment.

EFB Beauté (France) offers a full range of IPL equipment – Anthélia®, Ariane® and Adena® – for beauty salons, medical practitioners and medispas, and EFB Beauté’s experts provide training for optimal use of the company’s equipment. The treatments are already available in more than 20 countries worldwide.

About EFB:
EFB Beauté is part of Eurofeedback Group (or EFB Group). Founded in France in 1989, the company manufactures electronic equipment specifically designed for the space industry and the military, especially pulsed-light tubes. Since 1994, EFB Group has also specialised in the design and production of pulsed-light equipment for the industrial, medical and beauty sectors.

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