Friday, September 11th, 2015

ASAVIC urges PM to be fair and transparent in refugee intake

The Australian Syria Association Victoria (ASAVIC) warmly welcomes the announcement of the Australian government to resettle 12,000 Syrian refugees into Australia. Even though this
number is far from the actual need, it shows good intention on behalf of the Australian government and its counterparts in Europe to help alleviate the burden on the Syria’s
neighboring countries.

However, the ASA-VIC is unhappy and shocked by the way that the anti-Muslim backbencher and some Senate leaders claimed that Christian minorities are the most vulnerable and
persecuted people in Syria and that they should be given priority. As we continue to watch in horror, the Assad regime and their allies continue their brutal attack and bombardment of Syrian
civilians. Rockets, chemicals and explosive barrels do not differentiate Syrians based on their ethnic or religious background. All Syrians are humans and should be treated equally and fairly.

The Syrian Humanitarian crisis is completing its fifth year with more than 12 million of refugees inside and outside Syria who were brutally persecuted, and it is very sad to undermine their
needs to be safe just because they are Muslims. Discriminating against Muslims in this crisis is unjust, contradicts with the Australian values, and is against the humanitarian proposal to help
the Syrians in their crisis.

We strongly urge the Australian government to reconsider its policy regarding the intake of Syrian refugees and open the doors to all Syrian refugees on a non-discriminatory basis. We
believe that every Syrian has the right to seek refuge in Australia if their case is genuine.

Dr Ibrahim Iyoun Alsoud
Mobile: +61 451 120 166
Email: [email protected]

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Australian Syrian Association - Victoria

The ASAVIC is a non-profit organisation established in 2011 to foster a stronger relationship among all Australian-Syrians, and to support and advocate democratic movement, call for freedom and human rights in Syria and all around the world.

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  • Support and uphold the Constitution and Laws of the Commonwealth of Australia and every State thereof.
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  • Strengthen the relations of loyalty and mutual respect between all Australian-Syrians and their host countries.

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Established by a group of people in early 2011 and founded the ASAVIC. The founders names were listed in the council minutes. An honorary president (HP) was nominated, and will continue that role for five years. The HP will monitor the committee performance and provide all necessary advices. He is empowered to resolve the executive committee (EC), and call upon the foundation council to re-elect another EC when needed. The EX will be re-elected every 2 years.

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