Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

The World's No.1 Scientific Golf Coach, Professor Jack Kuykendall, will arrive in Adelaide this Thursday to present four public seminars at the Tap Inn, Kent Town Hotel, next week.
The seminars, hosted by EasySwing, on Monday 14 and Friday 18 January, are Prof Kuykendall's only Australian dates.
EasySwing Director, Jon White, a South Australian PGA golf pro and AAA accredited coach, said "This is a rare opportunity to meet this golfing luminary. Prof Kuykendall is a technical golfing genius. He has discovered the game's simplest method to achieve accuracy, consistency and distance.
"A 67 year old, Kuykendall can accurately drive a golf ball 240 yards whilst sitting on a chair. He is an author, speaker and coach, has been written about in several prestigious magazines, and frequently interviewed by the USA and World Media.
"Prof Kuykendall has received thousands of testimonials over the years, because most golfers who use his system cut their handicaps in half within six months," said Mr White.
Kuykendall is the only person in the world with a patented golf swing. His technique is designed to dramatically improve your accuracy, golf score and handicap.
Did you know? In 80 years, the average weekend golfer hasn't improved their golf score less than 100 consistently! And, only 5% of golfers can consistently hit a ball where they want it to go.
Kuykendall will help you to achieve the ultimate enjoyment from the best game in the world ...
o Consistently strike the ball well.
o Achieve greater accuracy and distance.
o Improve your golf score and handicap.
o Eliminate stress from your back and shoulders.
o Extend your playing years.
If you've never played golf, this is a great opportunity to learn this powerful technique from the outset.
Tickets are only $99.95 (value $150) but are strictly limited.
Attendees can select from four seminar times:
1. Monday 14 January 8.30am-12.30pm
2. Monday 14 January 1.30pm-5.30pm
3. Friday 18 January 8.30am-12.30pm
4. Friday 18 January 1.30pm-5.30pm
Registrations can be completed:
o Online at www.easyswingseminars.com,
o By emailing [email protected], or
o Phoning Jon White on 0405 354 276.
The address for the seminars is:
The Tap Inn, Kent Town Hotel
76 Rundle Street, Kent Town

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Exclusive World Class Public Golf Seminars in Adelaide Next Week


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