Friday, September 4th, 2015

Dick Smith says, “Common sense tells us that an economic system that requires endless growth in consumerism - in population - and in the use of resources and energy in a finite world is impossible.

“The latest economic figures suggest Australia may be heading into a recession. The Treasurer says ‘no’ and keeps spruiking endless economic growth.” 

Dick Smith says, "The problem in Australia and the rest of the world at the present time is the fact that the present world economic system is not sustainable. Anyone with any brains knows this, however most are not game to admit it.

“We need to live in balance with our environment – as HRH Prince Charles would say, ‘live in harmony'.

“Alan Kohler on the ABC showed that the gross domestic product per person in Australia is now reducing. This means that the wealth of typical Aussie workers will go down and down. This is primarily caused by Australia’s staggering population growth driven by one of the highest immigration rates in the developed world.” 

“It’s simple,” says Dick Smith. “Double the population with the same size cake and everyone’s worth half as much. Just look at the USA where their minimum wage is about half ours and they have over 40 million people on food stamps. They’ve definitely gone past ‘the sweet point’ – it will be a disaster if Australia follows.

“The answer is a different form of growth. Growth in quality not quantity. Growth in efficiency not waste.

“We urgently need a new Treasurer with lateral thinking abilities and brains to tell us how to adapt our economic system to be sustainable.”


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