Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

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To mark Sir Richard Branson’s 65th birthday, Sir Richard recently announced that he would take on 65 challenges throughout the coming year. Given the renowned entrepreneur arrives in Australia this week, and Australia now ranks #2 in the world as the best place for female entrepreneurship, according to a recent global study - The 2015 Global Women Entrepreneur Leaders scorecard - our challenge for Sir Richard is:

A live Q&A session to inspire and encourage 65 Australian female entrepreneurs, celebrating both Sir Richard Branson’s 65th birthday and Australia being ranked #2 globally for female entrepreneurship.

Our goal is to get Sir Richard Branson to take up this Australian challenge, while he is here is Australia:

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How it will work. 
Step 1: Sir Richard Branson agrees to take up the challenge.
Step 2: We will let eveyone know. (Keeping the location a secret). 
Step 3: We’ll invite the best 65 questions from female entrepreneurs who have submitted their question via social media to #ChallengeRichard & #ChallengeRichardOz

Right now we are simply focusing on step 1: To encourage Sir Richard Branson to AGREE to take up the Australian challenge of a live Q&A session to inspire and encourage 65 Australian female entrepreneurs to celebrate Sir Richard Branson’s 65th birthday and Australia being ranked #2 globally for female entrepreneurship. 

CEO Aaron Sansoni will be co-headlining in Brisbane with Sir Richard Branson at the Titans of Real Estate and will be following him on the National Achievers Congress tour. This year Aaron has also co-headlined with Arnold Schwarzenegger, has been on a national tour with Dr Eric Thomas and shared the stage with Rodger James Hamilton.  For more on Aaron Sansoni:

Sir Richard Branson’s 65 Challenges
Global Women Entrepreneur Leaders Scorecard:

For interview requests of my CEO Aaron Sansoni about this Australian 65 Challenge, please contact Peter Stone, General Manager, Aaron Sansoni Group, [email protected] Phone/Cell:  +61 412 988 539. Office: + 61 3 9863 8160. Corporate Office: Suite 344, 1 Queens Rd, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3004.

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