Thursday, August 27th, 2015

Hyderabad, India - August 26, 2015CommLab India has successfully designed and implemented an organization-wide e-learning and performance support job aids catalog for an Australian-based multinational packaging company. This company is a leader in the packaging industry and offers exclusive and innovative packaging solutions worldwide.

The company engaged CommLab India to design, develop, and implement a comprehensive training in the form of e-learning videos and job aids to train their 27,200 employees worldwide on a new HRIS System, called the Workday. The job profiles of all users were so varied that the training had to be categorized based on their job roles; the training material also had to be translated into multiple languages in order to cater to the training needs of the multinational workforce. There was also a need to set up a training portal to access the training.

At the outset, a thorough training needs analysis was done. At this end of this exercise, it was found that if one had to use Workday, then he or she had to follow a series of navigational steps to execute each task. Additionally, there were numerous tasks for each user to execute in his/her job role and each task may involve navigational steps ranging from 3 to 10. To remember that many navigational steps and that too in the right sequence for each of the multiple tasks was found to be a great challenge that we had to deal with.  However engaging the training may be, recalling a number of navigational steps would result in the entire training becoming a failure.

To deal with this roadblock effectively, CommLab came up with a brilliant idea of combining e-learning with an economically smart electronic performance support system (EPSS). That is, e-learning could be used for the initial orientation and learning could happen through easily comprehensible 3-5 minute video catalog and the EPSS could be in the form of visually attractive and instructionally sound job aids, which are just a click away to access as and when a user feels the need to refer to a particular task execution. Over a period of time, the job aids would ensure that the learning is transferred completely to the job.

CommLab created 100 e-learning videos of 3-4 minutes and 280 job aids in a time span of 30 days. To ensure that the tight deadline was met, CommLab’s staff worked onsite at Zurich, Switzerland. The solution that CommLab offered not only addressed the training need effectively but also led to a significant savings in time and cost for the customer, so much so that the Director of Change Management has entered on record his appreciation of the work done.

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CommLab India LLP is a leading learning solutions company with expertise in design and development of e-learning courses. Its learning solutions include e-learning course development, m-learning solutions, conversion of legacy courses into the mobile compatible HTML5 format, translation of online courses and hosting and managing training materials on LMS.

CommLab has worked with organizations in various industries such as finance, insurance, manufacturing and healthcare. Based in India, it is the preferred vendor to several Fortune 500 companies, such as Alcoa, Mettler-Toledo and Pepco Holding Inc. and has an ongoing relationship with organizations such as SAI Global, Hill-Rom and Unilever.


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CommLab India

CommLab India is a leading custom eLearning solutions provider developing state-of-the-art eLearning services to organizations across the world. CommLab India specializes in developing industry-specific training solutions particularly in verticals such as Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare sector, High-Tech and IT Sector, Finance & Insurance Sector and Energy and Manufacturing Sector.

Based in India, CommLab India is a preferred vendor to some of Fortune 500 companies such as Alcoa, Unilever, Mettler-Toledo and Pepco Holding Inc and has an ongoing relationship with companies and organizations such as Hill-Rom, Flextronics, Deloitte, George Washington University and UN among others.

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