Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

Almost 1.1 million Australians 14+ (5.6%) saw Mad Max: Fury Road at the cinema from its release in May to the end of June 2015—and it seems many are now keen for some automotive thrills closer to home, data from Roy Morgan Single Source shows.

A third of those who saw the latest Mad Max movie agree they would like a car that handles like a racing car (33%) or will only buy a car that is fun to own (33%), compared with just 18% of the general population with these automotive attitudes. 

Mad Max: Fury Road movie-goers are also over 50% more likely than average to be interested in buying a high performance car (28% vs 18% of all Australians) or to regard themselves as “a bit of a car enthusiast” (38% vs 24%).

However there two other attitudes that Mad Max viewers are over 25% more likely than the norm to agree with: 38% agree they don’t want a particularly fast car but would like it to look sporty, and—perhaps in preparation for an apocalypse once oil runs out—33% say they would seriously consider buying a fully electric vehicle, compared with 30% and 26% respectively of the total population with these attitudes.

% of Total and Mad Max: Fury Road cinema-goers who agree with Automotive Attitude:

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia) July 2014 – June 2015 n = 51,371 Australians 14+ including 282 Mad Max: Fury Road cinema-goers

Michele Levine, CEO, Roy Morgan Research, says:

Mad Max: Fury Road is basically one long high-speed car chase, so Australians with an interest in getting a fun and sporty car of their own naturally made up a big chunk of its audience.  Younger men were well over-represented in Mad Max: Fury Roadscreenings—and they’re also the core target market for high performance cars.

“With some proper research into the demographics and attitudes of likely movie-goers, cinema is clearly a powerful medium for advertisers looking to connecting with very specific, and captive, target audiences.

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