Monday, August 24th, 2015

South Australian technology company Parashift has been chosen to help streamline the digitisation and cataloguing of artefacts for the world’s largest collection of material relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and knowledge, held by The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS).

AIATSIS Executive Director of Collections Lyndall Osborne said after approval was given last year to seek a suitable solution, manufacturers from across the world were invited to submit solutions that might satisfy the Institute’s unique requirements.

“Our project team met with every business unit to form a detailed set of requirements. A number of the proposals were explored in depth and ultimately it was determined the Alfresco Digital Asset Management system (DAMs) / Electronic Document Records Management system (EDRMs) solution proposed by Parashift would provide the best possible outcomes for AIATSIS,” Ms Osborne said.

Parashift Managing Director Kieren Fitzpatrick said the specially tailored solution will provide many benefits for AIATSIS, including freeing up teams to streamline their digitising work.

“The new DAMs/EDRMs will provide a single index for all of AIATSIS’ information - documents, digital assets and records - allowing for more collaboration across the Institute and more sophisticated workflows,” he said.

“Automation will save people from emailing back and forth, or updating spreadsheets, freeing them up to focus on digitising the collection, which holds approximately one million objects.

“An open source analytics system we chose will give the Institute even greater insight into the progress of digitisation so it can prioritise resources better based on real-time reporting on the digitising progress.

“AIATSIS will also benefit from two other modules, a business process management system and a very powerful searching and indexing tool,” said Mr Fitzpatrick.

Parashift is based in Adelaide but works with private sector and government clients Australiawide.


For background, here is the AAISTIS Media Release: Streamlining to save collection

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The name Parashift is derived from ‘Paradigm Shift’ - a fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions.

Parashift’s mission is “To bring order to chaos”, and as an Australian ICT company we solve content chaos challenges that organisations face, by a tailored ECM (enterprise content management) strategy.

We partner with leading local and international software companies to provide modular-based solutions that are delivered for clients in a truly collaborative and iterative manner, using Agile.

Parashift was established in 2013 as a private company with three shareholders, all of which hold executive directorships and work day-to-day in the business.

Our management team has access to a broad expertise pool including strategic management, finance, technology and project delivery.

Headquartered in Adelaide, Australia’s hotbed for technology startups, Parashift has achieved dramatic growth winning numerous government and private sector contracts, traditionally won by much larger players, through a client-centric approach by providing quality, innovative and highly-tailored solutions. While our head office is in Adelaide, our attention is national with offices and a client base in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra.

Parashift’s work could be considered niche, but its impact can be felt across an entire organisation, as it centres on managing the content-centric challenges faced today.

Parashift offers solutions in:

  • Document Management
  • Record Management
  • Case Management
  • Searching and Indexing
  • Business Process Management

Parashift is a Gold Partner of Alfresco, Platinum Partner of Armedia and Platinum partner of Ephesoft.

Kieren Fitzpatrick, Managing Director
M: 0412 020 211


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