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Get rich quick schemes are absolutely the best way to become an instant millionaire. Well actually, they’re not at all. The best way to become an instant millionaire, is to win big on a lotto ticket or inherit a large sum of money from your long-lost Nigerian uncle. It’s not YOUR $50 million lying in wait at a Melbourne newsagent, is it?

When you think about the odds of becoming a millionaire, you realise there is only extreme luck that can put you in that situation. Unless, of course, you happened to be in the right place at the right time when it came to extremely good (or highly volatile) investments.

Sure, there are success stories out there of people who have become millionaires quickly, with businesses that blow up sensationally, or with some innovative new tech or product that instantly changed the world. However, if it was simple to become a millionaire, why aren’t you already a millionaire, and how come you don’t know that many of them? How come we all aren’t millionaires? Why aren’t there millionaires everywhere?

According to Adam Truelove, Trading Floor Manager at Learn to Trade, the simple answer is that becoming rich is a very time-consuming thing. It is also quite a difficult thing to achieve.

“If you are hearing about some amazing way that will get you rich very quickly from a sales person, ask them if they are a millionaire. Ask them for proof also. Let’s face it, if they were, they wouldn’t be running a sales pitch on you,” he says.

Here is the biggest truth –get rich quick schemes only work for the person selling the scheme. So, unless you have the full intentions of cold calling hundreds of people every day from a call centre in India or the Philippines, when you are already a millionaire, just to tell others how they can get rich quick the same way you ‘did’, then just walk away.

Anyone who tells you that they can make you rich quick is most likely a liar or being paid to lie, unless of course it is your long-lost Nigerian uncle. If someone claims to you that they got rich quick from the scheme, ask to see their proof.

The truth with get rich quick ideas… is that they won’t get you rich quick.

The only thing that makes you rich is hard work and making the right choices with investments. Although it’s easy to be drawn to get rich quick ideas, the chances of getting rich from them are slim. One way that you can oversee your financial future to ensure get rich quick schemes are ignored, is to set long-term goals for your money, stick to a budget, and invest once you reach savings goals.

Rome wasn’t built in a day is one quote that sticks true with money. It takes time to build an empire, and building an empire comes with hard work, learning from mistakes and starting again when you fail, to rise like a phoenix through the ashes.

Now is the perfect time to start setting your financial plans out, so here are 6 ways to get on the right track.

1.       Don’t spend money on things you don’t need

2.       Budget

3.       Have an emergency fund

4.       Think about the future.

5.       Save

6.       Invest


Invest in Sure Bets

If you have reached the point where you are ready to invest into your future, then you need to understand the basics of how much you should invest, and what returns you should expect from quality investments. Quality investments will give you returns, but they most likely won’t be massive returns. The simple rules of get rich schemes mean the same thing when it comes to investing.

·         If it sounds too good to be true it most likely is.

·         If you are promised wealth in a short period of time, avoid it like the plague.

·         Never send a stranger money online, especially if that money will ‘help you to get rich quick’.

·         Success takes hard work, patience, and time

One of the best ways to help yourself to become better with your investment choices is of course education. With a Learn Forex course, anyone can be trading currencies in a short amount of time, and earning extra money to set themselves up for a completely new financial outlook.

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